Howell Simon Kent, Butler Ian: Identification tag with environmental sensing facility. I D Systems, July 9, 1997: GB2308947-A (179 worldwide citation)

A radio frequency identification tag 1 which is energised by a radio signal from a reader station 11 to transmit a code identifying the tag. The tag incorporates a sensor 7 responsive to an environmental parameter 8 to which the tag is exposed, and when the tag is energised by an adjacent reader the ...

Taniguchi Yoshiyuki, Fujita Tuyosi, Matuo Yuhsi: Method for assaying soluble amyloid precursor protein. Oriental Yeast, July 9, 1997: EP0783104-A1 (90 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for assaying soluble APP, comprising using an antibody against amyloid beta protein (A beta ) or amyloid precursor protein (APP). In accordance with the present invention, soluble APP can be accurately assayed. Additionally, an assay system composed of a mon ...

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Process for gas-phase polymerization carried out in two interconnected polymerization zones, to which one or more alpha -olefins CH2=CHR are fed in the presence of catalyst under reaction conditions and from which the polymer product is discharged. The process is characterized in that the growing po ...

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Disclosed herein are methods to prevent or treat T-cell dependent autoimmune diseases comprising the oral administration of (A) an agent selected from the group consisting of autoantigens, fragments or analogs thereof specific for the autoimmune disease, and (B) a synergist having the property of en ...

Fleischmann Wim: Device for sealing off an injury area. Fleischmann Wim, July 9, 1997: EP0782421-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

In order to seal it off, an injury area (12) is covered by a water-vapour-permeable, airtight foil (18). An easily deformable, non-flowing sealing material (22), preferably a silicone or a hydrogel, is used to provide an airtight leak seal between the surface of the skin (10) and the foil (18). The ...

Goicoechea George, Mialhe Claude, Hudson John: Introducer for endoluminal prosthesis. Boston Scient Tech, July 9, 1997: EP0782841-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an introducer (100) for delivering into the vasculature at an angeological bifurcation where a blood vessel branches into two branched vessels a bifurcated endoluminal stent (10) or prosthesis (50; 70; 91) having a proximal portion (12; 62; 72; 92) adapted to be dispos ...

Sato Toshifumi: Spread spectrum communications system. Nippon Electric Co, July 9, 1997: EP0783210-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

In a data transmission system, transmission data (Td-I, Td-Q) is modulated based on pi /4-shift QPSK modulation (102) according to two spreading code sequences (SC-I, SC-Q) which is generated according to a chip timing signal (CLK1) in each symbol interval. At a receiving side, the received spread s ...

Bodager Gregory A, Fickes Daphne Pinto, Moehlmann Jon Gregory, Held Robert Paul, Work Iii Ray Alexander: Receptor sheet for recording by ink-jet. Du Pont, July 9, 1997: EP0782931-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

Media are disclosed having a substrate, water-absorbing layer, and adhesive ink-receiving layer. After being printed with an aqueous pigmented ink, the ink-receiving layer may be laminated to a permanent substrate. Exposure to an energy source may render the printed image more durable.

Poullain Yvon, Lestelle Didier: Dispensing means containing products in a row and fixed to the back panel of a display cabinet. Diffusion Internationale D Art, July 9, 1997: EP0782831-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The product dispenser consists of a drawer (24) within the rigid box (1). The rigid box has two rims on it's inboard end which engage with horizontal flanges on a baseplate forming part of the shop fitting and a gate and ramp on it's outboard end. The products are placed in the drawer (24) and are u ...

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A catalyst-adsorbent for purification of exhaust gases, comprising a monolithic carrier and a catalyst-adsorbent layer formed thereon, the catalyst-adsorbent layer comprising a catalyst for conversion of the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emitted from internal combustion engines a ...