Jacques Samani: Interspinal vertebral implant. Fixano, Oliff & Berridge, July 8, 1997: US05645599 (945 worldwide citation)

This implant comprises a substantially U-shaped body having an elastic flexibility in the area of its central portion, and two pairs of brackets projecting from the outer face of the two branches of the body, these brackets defining stirrups for receiving the spinous processes of the vertebrae and c ...

Louis C Argenta, Michael J Morykwas: Method of treating tissue damage and apparatus for same. Wake Forest University, Dann Dorfman Herrell and Skillman, July 8, 1997: US05645081 (855 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed is a method of treating tissue damage comprising applying a negative pressure to a wound sufficient in time and magnitude to promote tissue migration and thus facilitate closure of the wound. The method is applicable to wounds, burns, infected wounds, and live tissue attachme ...

James M Barton: Method and apparatus for embedding authentication information within digital data. Michael A Glenn, July 8, 1997: US05646997 (605 worldwide citation)

Arbitrary digital information is embedded within a stream of digital data, in a way that avoids detection by a casual observer and that allows a user to determine whether the digital data have been modified from their intended form. The embedded information may only be extracted as authorized and ma ...

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A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes a frame portion, an elongated portion extending from the frame portion, and an articulating fastener applying assembly associated with a dis ...

David R Tobler, Thomas J Gerhardt, Eugene E Mason, Mike A Mills: Patient cable connector. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 8, 1997: US05645440 (555 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector is disclosed which provides connection of sensors to monitors. The connector is designed to be low-profile, permit ease of attachment and disconnection, and maintain a strong connection to prevent accidental disconnects.

Yuji Nagao, Keiji Yano: Gaming system that pays out a progressive bonus using a lottery. Sega Enterprises, Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, July 8, 1997: US05645486 (495 worldwide citation)

A progressive gaming system pays out a progressively increasing bonus to a player who wins a game with a predetermined winning combination. The progressive gaming system includes a plurality of gaming controllers which detect when a player gets one of a plurality of predetermined winning combination ...

Pavel I Krapiva: Disc replacement method and apparatus. Aquilino & Welsh, July 8, 1997: US05645597 (488 worldwide citation)

A method for replacing a nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc. The method is achieved by removing the nucleus pulposus from the intervertebral disc to create a space defined by an inner wall of a annulus fibrosis. A flexible prosthetic disc is then inserted within the space formerly occupied b ...

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A radially self-expanding stent having multiple layers includes a medial region and proximal and distal cuffs having diameters greater than the medial region diameter when the stent is in the relaxed state. A silicone coating circumscribes at least the medial region of the stent. A deployment device ...

Gordon Richards Brunson: Synchronization of mailboxes of different types. Lucent Technologies, David Volejnicek, July 8, 1997: US05647002 (378 worldwide citation)

The contents of a pair of mailboxes (21, 31), one of which resides in an e-mail system (29) and the other of which resides in a voice-mail system (39), are automatically synchronized both in message content and in message state by a synchronizer (10), even though messages in the two mailboxes may ha ...

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A programmable logic device (PLD) comprises a plurality of configurable logic blocks (CLBs), an interconnect structure for interconnecting the CLBs, and a plurality of programmable logic elements for configuring the CLBs and the interconnect structure. Each CLB includes a combinational element and a ...