Nathaniel Brese
Nathaniel E Brese, Kenneth T Reilly: Small size electroluminescent phosphor. OSRAM Sylvania, Robert F Clark, July 1, 1997: US05643496 (30 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent phosphor composed of copper activated zinc sulfide having an average particle size less than 23 micrometers and a halflife equal to or greater than the halflife of a second phosphor having a similar composition and an average particle size of at least 25 micrometers.

Hisashi Ohtani, Akiharu Miyanaga, Takeshi Fukunaga, Hongyong Zhang: Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Gerald J Ferguson Jr, Jeffrey L Costellia, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson PC, July 1, 1997: US05643826 (1057 worldwide citation)

A process for fabricating a highly stable and reliable semiconductor, comprising: coating the surface of an amorphous silicon film with a solution containing a catalyst element capable of accelerating the crystallization of the amorphous silicon film, and heat treating the amorphous silicon film the ...

Charles Agee Atkins: System for the operation and management of one or more financial accounts through the use of a digital communication and computation system for exchange, investment and borrowing. Proprietary Financial Products, Pennie & Edmonds, July 1, 1997: US05644727 (751 worldwide citation)

A practical communication and computer based system and method for effecting exchange, investment and borrowing involves the use of digital communication and computation terminals distributed to users and service providers. Through the system described and its combined computer and communication ter ...

Allan E Alcorn, Michael Barnett, Louis D Giacalone Jr, Adam E Levinthal: Electronic casino gaming apparatus with improved play capacity, authentication and security. Silicon Gaming, Claude Hamrick, July 1, 1997: US05643086 (557 worldwide citation)

An electronic casino gaming system includes an unalterable ROM for storing a casino game authentication program, including a message digest algorithm program, a decryption program and a decryption key. A casino game data set containing casino game rules and image data is stored in a mass storage dev ...

David W Deaton, Rodney G Gabriel: Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping histories. Credit Verification Corporation, Baker & Botts L, July 1, 1997: US05644723 (477 worldwide citation)

A system and method is disclosed for customer promotion. A terminal enters a customer's identification code, along with customer transaction data, at the point-of-sale. A memory stores a database of previously entered customer identification codes and transactions data. Circuitry is provided for gen ...

H Jonathan Tovey, Boris Zvenyatsky, Ernie Aranyi: Surgical apparatus having an increased range of operability. United States Surgical Corporation, July 1, 1997: US05643294 (470 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument is provided for performing a variety of endoscopic or laproscopic procures. The instrument includes a handle assembly, a tubular body extending from the handle assembly and defining a longitudinal axis, a tool assembly associated with a distal end of the tubular body including ...

Jan Holsheimer, Johannes J Struijk: Multichannel apparatus for epidural spinal cord stimulation. Medtronic, Curtis D Kinghorn, Harold R Patton, July 1, 1997: US05643330 (433 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for multi-channel transverse epidural spinal cord stimulation uses a multi-channel pulse generator driving a plurality of electrodes mounted near the distal end of a lead. These electrodes are mounted in one or more lines, generally perpendicular to the lead axis, and have a planar surface ...

Anthony Martinez, Richard B Greenwald: Non-antigenic branched polymer conjugates. Enzon, Michael N Mercanti, July 1, 1997: US05643575 (413 worldwide citation)

Branched, substantially non-antigenic polymers are disclosed. Conjugates prepared with the polymers and biologically active molecules such as proteins and peptides demonstrate extended circulating life in vivo. Substantially fewer sites on the biologically active material are used as attachment site ...

Donald Carroll Roe, Frank Heinrich Bakes, Alrick Vincent Warner: Diaper having a lotioned topsheet. The Procter & Gamble Company, Bart S Hersko, E Kelly Linman, Jacobus C Rasser, July 1, 1997: US05643588 (405 worldwide citation)

A diaper containing a liquid pervious topsheet coated with a lotion composition is disclosed. The lotion composition reduces the adherence of BM to the skin of the wearer, thereby improving the ease of BM clean up. The lotion composition comprises a plastic or fluid emollient such as mineral oil or ...

InBae Yoon: Methods and apparatus for suturing tissue. July 1, 1997: US05643295 (404 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods for suturing and ligating anatomical tissue utilizes one or more knotting elements connected between two or more length portions of filamentous suture material to form one or more contractible loops for confining segments of the length portions therein. The knotting elements re ...