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A micromachined pump including a channel formed in a semiconductor substrate by conventional processes such as chemical etching. A number of insulating barriers are established in the substrate parallel to one another and transverse to the channel. The barriers separate a series of electrically cond ...

Williamson David M: High numerical aperture ring field optical reduction system. Svg Lithography Systems, June 18, 1997: EP0779528-A2 (100 worldwide citation)

An optical projection reduction system used in photolithography for the manufacture of semiconductor devices having a first mirror pair (M1, M2; M1', M2'; M1'', M2''), a second field mirror pair (M3, M4; M3', M4'; M3'', M4''), and a third mirror pair (M5, M6; M5', M6'; M5'', M6''). Electromagnetic r ...

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In a three-dimensional LUT for color conversion, the values of converted color component data C', M', and Y' are varied for a specific combination of the values of color component data C, M, and Y representing white, and the values of converted data are then changed for other combinations accompanie ...

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The invention pertains to the field of controllable optics and can be used for manipulating a radiation wave front or for correcting phase distortions in optical equipment and in a wide range of systems including industrial laser systems, optical telescopes of different spectral ranges, and optical ...

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A mobile filing cabinet provided with a moving device, which moving device comprises ground wheels, which can run over a runway, and a toothed wheel, which is in engagement with a profiled track extending along said runway. The toothed wheel can run over the track while being in engagement therewith ...

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When performing on-line shopping using the Internet, and when performing payment settlement for a product by a credit card, user's card data runs over the Internet, leaving the possibility of card data leakage, thereby causing a security problem. The user decides the product he or she wants to buy v ...

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In accordance with the present invention, a novel Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) duplex radio communication system comprises an Interrogator which generates a first radio signal by modulating a first information signal onto a radio carrier signal. The Interrogator transmits the first radio sig ...

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A communication device locates a wireless service provider in a multi-service provider environment by tuning to a first frequency band and receiving a geographic identifier from the service provider operating in the first frequency band. The received geographic identifier is compared to a listing of ...

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A two-way data communication device such as a data ready cellular telephone, a two-way pager, or a telephone communicates via a two-way data communication network with a server computer on a computer network that has an interface to the two-way data communication network, i.e, is coupled to the two- ...

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PCT No. PCT/US95/10730 Sec. 371 Date Jan. 4, 1997 Sec. 102(e) Date Jan. 4, 1997 PCT Filed Aug. 29, 1995 PCT Pub. No. WO96/06618 PCT Pub. Date Mar. 7, 1996The invention is a cosolvent parenteral pharmaceutical formulation of a lazaroid and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts.