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A therapeutic apparatus is disclosed for stimulating healing of a wound in mammals. The apparatus comprises a porous foamed pad (36) connected by a tube (37, 38) to a canister (19). A vacuum pump is located within a housing having a recess (18) for receiving the canister. A bacterial filter (46) pos ...

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A system and method for managing the distribution of licensed application programs stored on a server over a distributed computer system maintains control over the program even after the program has been distributed to a client computer from a provider on an information server. Protection may includ ...

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A computer system includes a program executer that executes verifiable architecture neutral programs and a class loader that prohibits the loading and execution of non-verifiable programs unless (A) the non-verifiable program resides in a trusted repository of such programs, or (B) the non-verifiabl ...

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A head mounted display system (10) includes focusing optics (21) to focus light from an image source (15), retro-reflector (23) and beamsplitter (22), the image source (15) and beamsplitter (22) directing light toward the retro-reflector (23) to focus a real image, and the light reflected from the r ...

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Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) antagonists having the formula or wherein the dashed lines, A, B, D, E, F, Z, G, R, and R are as defined below, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.

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Provided is an information service processor that by adding control information to the provided information can expedite the use of the information that is furnished, or can prevent the illegal use of such information. For an information service whereby multimedia digital information, such as video, ...

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A fluid interconnect for coupling an ink supply (20) to an ink-jet printer includes a fluid outlet (28) and a fluid inlet (42). The fluid outlet (28) has a housing (99) with one end in fluid communication with the ink supply (20) and the other end sealed by a septum 104. A sealing member (102) is po ...

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Apparatus (10) for shuffling or handling cards including a chamber (25) in which a main stack of cards (26) is supported, a loading station (12) for holding a secondary stack (14) of cards, and a card separating mechanism (56) for separating cards at a series of positions along the main stack (26). ...

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A series of 5-amino-6-cyclohexyl-4-hydroxy-hexanamide derivatives of Formula I have been synthesized. As inhibitors of the production of beta -amyloid protein from beta -amyloid precursor protein, these compounds are expected to be effective in treating patients suffering from or susceptible to cond ...

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A synthesis signal which was reproduced from a reproducing apparatus and converted into an analog signal includes an analog information signal and a copy control code. The copy control code is modulated by a spread spectrum. A code reading unit of the recording apparatus extracts a copy control code ...