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An integrated catheter system utilizes a balloon angioplasty catheter placed through a central passageway of a stent delivery catheter to enable balloon angioplasty and stent delivery to be accomplished with a single device. The integrated catheter system is able to perform dilatation of an arterial ...

George W Muller, David I Stirling, Roger S C Chen: Method of reducing TNF.alpha. levels with amino substituted 2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-1-oxo-and 1,3-dioxoisoindolines. Celgene Corporation, Mathews Collins Shepherd & Gould P A, June 3, 1997: US05635517 (185 worldwide citation)

1-Oxo- and 1,3-dioxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl) isoindolines substituted with amino in the benzo ring reduce the levels of TNF.alpha. in a mammal. A typical embodiment is 1,3-dioxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-5-aminoisoindoline.

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A set of intonation intervals for a chosen dialect are applied to the intonational contour of a phomene string derived from a single set of stored linguistic units, e.g., phonemes. Sets of intonational intervals are stored to simulate or recognize different dialects or languages from a single set of ...

Max Abecassis: Content-on-demand interactive video method and apparatus. June 3, 1997: US05634849 (181 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing a player of a video game an automatically customized version of an interactive video game responsive to the player's content preferences in at least one category of possibly unsuitable content. A content-on-demand interactive video game method principally comprises ...

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A seal for use in a surgical instrument to provide a gas-tight seal with an instrument passed through the seal. The seal can form a gas-tight seal with an instrument having a diameter within a wide range of diameters. The seal comprises a seal body, an instrument seal, and a laterally-compliant seal ...

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A novel ceramic ferroelectric material having a high dielectric constant, a ow loss tangent, a low threshold voltage, a high nonlinear voltage exponent and a high tunability. The material is a composite comprising Barium Strontium Titanate (BSTO) and zinc oxide (ZnO). The preferred composite is repr ...

Joseph G Garofalo: Auxiliary mask features for enhancing the resolution of photolithography. Lucent Technologies, David I Caplan, June 3, 1997: US05636002 (172 worldwide citation)

This invention involves an optical system in which optical radiation containing a wavelength .lambda. is directed onto a patterned mask, in order to form an image feature on a photoresist layer located on the image plane of the system. The patterned mask has a main object feature, which has the form ...

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A computer aided dispatch apparatus including a a first memory portion, a second memory portion, and a third memory portion. The computer aided dispatch apparatus also includes a display 510, 626 with a first display segment 530. The first display segment includes a digitized representation of a sel ...

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A bone fixation apparatus for anchoring a surgical member to bone for the fixation of bone or soft tissue to bone. The bone fixation apparatus includes a post device having a leg portion slidably insertable into a hole formed in bone. The leg portion is of sufficient length relative to the interior ...

Ajit P Paranjpe: Self-guided, self-propelled, convertible cleaning apparatus. June 3, 1997: US05634237 (162 worldwide citation)

A self-guided, self-propelled, convertible cleaning apparatus powered by a flexible electrical power cable connected to a conventional electrical power socket is described. In the self-guided mode, the cleaning apparatus automatically traverses the entire area to be cleaned, avoids obstacles located ...