Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, James Yan: Call routing in an ATM switching network. Northern Telecom, Yoshiharu Toyooka, May 13, 1997: US05629930 (67 worldwide citation)

A routing scheme for an ATM switching network includes a plurality of switching nodes, each of which includes individual storage for storing routing messages for each outgoing link. A call at a source node is routed through one possible routing path which requires only one or two links to complete a ...

Robert Deng
Robert H Deng, Yuan X Li, Eng H Koh: Correcting up to two disc drive read errors and detecting the occurrence of more than two read errors. Seagate Technology, Bill D McCarthy, Edward P Heller III, Randall K McCarthy, May 6, 1997: US05627843 (16 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for correcting up to two errors in a sequence of data elements read front a data track of a disc drive and detecting the occurrence of more than two errors. A syndrome generator determines a syndrome, having five components, from the data elements and the components are trans ...

Albert Mark, Batz Robert M, Gray Richard L, Menditto Louis F, Sutton Michael S, Tsang Tzu Ming, Tiwari Pranav K: System and method for managing access for an end user in a network environment. Cisco Tech, May 31, 1997: EP1660974-A2

An apparatus for managing network access is provided that includes a billing system element operable to receive one or more packets of a communication flow and to communicate with a price server. The price server is operable to receive a query from the billing system element associated with a pricin ...

Jackson Eric Arthur: Drilling apparatus. Perard Torque Tension, May 31, 1997: GB2194183-A (1 worldwide citation)

Drilling apparatus primarily for drilling holes in rock, e.g. in quarries and mines, comprises a shaft (15) having a flexible portion which extends through a deflector (20). The shaft has a rigid end portion which is attached to a drive motor (14) and an opposite rigid end portion secured to a drill ...

Do Mun Hyun: Procede de filage de fibres optiques notamment de liaison dune preforme de fibre optique a une tige de quartz auxiliaire. Samsung Electronics, May 30, 1997: FR2741614-A1

Le procédé comprend la liaison de la préforme (12) à une tige de quartz auxiliaire de plus petit diamètre, le montage d'un tube de quartz auxiliaire (48) sur la tige de quartz auxiliaire (44) de plus petit diamètre, de façon que le tube de quartz vienne buter contre la préforme (12); la préforme (12 ...

Neuer Klaus, Petszulat Monika, Walch Hatto: Cyclosporin enthaltende präparate. Sandoz, May 30, 1997: FR2741537-A1

Pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration comprising a cyclosporin or macrolide as active ingredient, and a polyethoxylated saturated hydroxy-fatty acid.

Haubold Wolfgang, Zimmermann Thomas: Optical defect scanning. Laser Sorter, May 30, 1997: FR2741698-A1

L'invention concerne un dispositif d'éclairage pour un dispositif de détection des défauts à l'intérieur ou à la surface de matériaux (1), notamment de matériaux en bandes ou en feuilles, comportant des lampes halogènes ainsi que des caméras (2). Afin d'augmenter l'intensité lumineuse on utilise des ...

Wagner Thomas, Ulm Michael, Graf Friedrich: Control system for automatic transmission of vehicle. Siemens, May 30, 1997: FR2741687-A1

The automatic transmission 2 has an electro hydraulic control system 6 for operating the coupling, braking and disengagement stages. The transmission has an hydrodynamic torque converter 4 and planetary gear 3. The disengagement and synchronisation points of the drive are controlled by a fuzzy logic ...

Wagner Thomas, Ulm Michael, Graf Friedrich: Motor vehicle automatic transmission control device. Siemens, May 30, 1997: FR2741688-A1

The control device (6) allows the hydraulic pressure for operating the electrohydraulic clutches (18) for the automatic transmission (2) to be varied, for increasing passenger comfort during gear-changing. The hydraulic pressure is brought to a required value at a rapid rate during a first phase of ...

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