Alan K Plyley, Claude A Vidal, Roger Lagerquist: Laparoscopic stapler with overload sensor and interlock. United States Surgical Corporation, May 20, 1997: US05630539 (632 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler with an overload sensor and lockout is disclosed. The surgical stapler is particularly useful in laparoscopic surgical procedures.

Jeffrey J Blewett: Surgical staple and staple drive member. United States Surgical Corporation, May 20, 1997: US05630540 (631 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple is provided which includes a bridge portion having at least two adjacent arcuate sections, each defining a constant radius of curvature along the arc length thereof. Transition portions are disposed at opposed end portions of the bridge portion, each having a curved profile. The su ...

Robert J Crowley: Acoustic ablation. Boston Scientific Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, May 20, 1997: US05630837 (472 worldwide citation)

The invention features a catheter system and a method for tissue ablation. A catheter body of extended length is constructed for delivery to locations within a body of a living being and for connection to a power source. An array of acoustic transducers are constructed for receiving power from the p ...

Rickey D Hart: Suture attachment device. Innovasive Devices, Choate Hall & Stewart, May 20, 1997: US05630824 (401 worldwide citation)

A suture locking button is described. The device includes a base element with a first axial passage for receiving at least one, and preferably two, suture filaments that is attached via a frangible membrane to a locking dement. The locking dement is adapted for movement from a first position, where ...

Warren P Williamson IV, Thomas W Huitema, James H Chambers: Surgical stapler and staple cartridge. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dressler Goldsmith Milnamow & Katz, May 20, 1997: US05630541 (397 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapler comprising at least one cam having a cam surface, an arrangement for actuating the cam for a longitudinal firing movement of the cam surface, a cartridge having a plurality of staple drive members driven by the longitudinal movement of the cam surface, and a plurality of surgical ...

Steven C Charlton, Anne T Miller, Joseph L Moulton, Matthew A Schumann, Dennis Slomski, Frank W Wogoman: Dispensing instrument for fluid monitoring sensors. Bayer Corporation, Jerome L Jeffers, May 20, 1997: US05630986 (363 worldwide citation)

A sensor dispensing instrument is adapted to receive a generally circular sensor pack containing a plurality of blood glucose sensors. Each of the sensors are disposed in sensor cavities, each of which is in fluid communication with a corresponding desiccant cavity and has a support wall that assist ...

Edwin L Adair: Sterilizable endoscope with separable auxiliary assembly. Fields & Johnson P C, May 20, 1997: US05630782 (360 worldwide citation)

An endoscope with separable auxiliary assembly is provided that includes a cylindrical shaped endoscope that is insertable within a sterile end cap with attached sterile drape, the drape being extendable over the length of the endoscope and its trailing cables thus isolating the endoscope and its tr ...

Parviz Kambin: Double barrel spinal fixation system and method. James W Pravel, May 20, 1997: US05630816 (334 worldwide citation)

A double barrel adjustable clamping system adaptable for use with laminar hooks and pedicular bolts for use by a surgeon for reduction and fixation of a spinal column is disclosed which provides a rigid construct and is independent from the rod system thereby simplifying the surgical installation th ...

David Stern, Peter Fiekowsky: Method and apparatus for detection of fluorescently labeled materials. Affymetrix, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, May 20, 1997: US05631734 (328 worldwide citation)

Fluorescently marked targets bind to a substrate 230 synthesized with polymer sequences at known locations. The targets are detected by exposing selected regions of the substrate 230 to light from a light source 100 and detecting the photons from the light fluoresced therefrom, and repeating the ste ...

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