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A surgical stapler with an overload sensor and lockout is disclosed. The surgical stapler is particularly useful in laparoscopic surgical procedures.

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A surgical staple is provided which includes a bridge portion having at least two adjacent arcuate sections, each defining a constant radius of curvature along the arc length thereof. Transition portions are disposed at opposed end portions of the bridge portion, each having a curved profile. The su ...

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The invention features a catheter system and a method for tissue ablation. A catheter body of extended length is constructed for delivery to locations within a body of a living being and for connection to a power source. An array of acoustic transducers are constructed for receiving power from the p ...

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A surgical stapler comprising at least one cam having a cam surface, an arrangement for actuating the cam for a longitudinal firing movement of the cam surface, a cartridge having a plurality of staple drive members driven by the longitudinal movement of the cam surface, and a plurality of surgical ...

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A suture locking button is described. The device includes a base element with a first axial passage for receiving at least one, and preferably two, suture filaments that is attached via a frangible membrane to a locking dement. The locking dement is adapted for movement from a first position, where ...

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An endoscope with separable auxiliary assembly is provided that includes a cylindrical shaped endoscope that is insertable within a sterile end cap with attached sterile drape, the drape being extendable over the length of the endoscope and its trailing cables thus isolating the endoscope and its tr ...

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A sensor dispensing instrument is adapted to receive a generally circular sensor pack containing a plurality of blood glucose sensors. Each of the sensors are disposed in sensor cavities, each of which is in fluid communication with a corresponding desiccant cavity and has a support wall that assist ...

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Fluorescently marked targets bind to a substrate 230 synthesized with polymer sequences at known locations. The targets are detected by exposing selected regions of the substrate 230 to light from a light source 100 and detecting the photons from the light fluoresced therefrom, and repeating the ste ...

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A double barrel adjustable clamping system adaptable for use with laminar hooks and pedicular bolts for use by a surgeon for reduction and fixation of a spinal column is disclosed which provides a rigid construct and is independent from the rod system thereby simplifying the surgical installation th ...