Mujibun N Khan, Jane E Zucker: Compact and fabrication tolerant high speed digital optical Y-switches. Lucent Technologies, April 22, 1997: US05623568 (11 worldwide citation)

An optical switch provides improved high speed digital optical switching with a compact and fabrication tolerant configuration, and includes a first waveguide portion, a plurality of intermediate waveguide portions connected to the first portion, with each intermediate portion associated with a firs ...

James Doherty
Clifton J Blankley, Diane H Boschelli, Annette M Doherty, James M Hamby, Sylvester Klutchko, Robert L Panek: Pyrido [2,3-D]pyrimidines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Warner Lambert Company, Charles W Ashbrook, April 15, 1997: US05620981 (42 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine 7-imines, 7-ones, and 7-thiones are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating cancer, atherosclerosis, restenosis, and psoriasis.


Bob Ware
Robert P L Absil, James R Katzer, Daria N Lissy, Robert A Ware, Stephen S Wong: Hydrocracking process using small crystal size zeolite Y. Mobil Oil Corporation, Peter W Roberts, April 15, 1997: US05620590 (21 worldwide citation)

There is provided a process and a catalyst for hydrocracking hydrocarbons, such as gas oils. The catalyst comprises a hydrogenating metal and small crystal size zeolite Y. The zeolite Y may have a crystal size of less than one micron. Examples of hydrogenating metals include nickel and tungsten.

Edwards Gordon David: Sleeve enclosing and secured to a tray. Bonar Cartons, April 30, 1997: GB2306150-A

A container comprises a tray 2 for a foodstuff 20 with an opening 8, and a closure in the form of a sleeve 4 having a display face 14, side walls 12 and a rear face 16. The display face 14 is placed over and sealed to the tray to enclose the food in the tray, thereby overcoming the need for addition ...

Wright John: A zinc containing composition for treating the common cold. Wright John, April 30, 1997: GB2306109-A (4 worldwide citation)

The composition comprises amino acids, zinc, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). The amino acids, which are chelated by the zinc, promote zinc uptake across mucosal surfaces such as the gut. Vitamin C and aspirin are intended to promote intranasal uptake of the composition. ...

Kang Sung Sik, Choi Serng Hoon, Back Myung Cherl, Hong Sung Pyeo, Lee Gi Young, Reu E Hyun, Lee Soo Bum, Park Hyeu Yun, Park Il Mo: A mode conversion device for the magnetic record replaying device and the mode conversion method. Lg Electronic Co, April 30, 1997: KR1019970001887

A mode conversion device for the magnetic record replaying device and the mode conversion method whereby the error of the idler gear and the applied force of belt that transmit the motor power to the idler implement for converting the stop mode to the FF/REW mode, therefore the general rubber belt c ...

Oram Robert Kenneth: Insulating coating for underwater pipelines. Balmoral Group, April 30, 1997: GB2306127-A (6 worldwide citation)

A pipe for the subsea transport of hydrocarbons comprising: a) a conduit (1,2) for transporting the hydrocarbons; b) a layer of water saturated material (3) surrounding the conduit (1,2); and c) an outer insulating coating (5,6) surrounding the layer of water saturated material. The water saturated ...

Janker Peter, Martin Willi, Mehren Herbert: Motor vehicle interior part. Daimler Benz, April 30, 1997: GB2306206-A (1 worldwide citation)

A motor vehicle interior part has a shapeable outer contour in at least one region, the region formed from a pliable element filled with electrorheological fluid and to which an electrical circuit is connected to reduce and increase the internal friction of the fluid to enable the element to be cust ...

Kajino Kazuhiko, Kageme Yoshinari, Ikawa Katsumi: Air-conditioning unit for motor vehicle. Nippon Denso Co, April 30, 1997: FR2740400-A1

An air-conditioning plant has a housing (2) with channels for the climatised warm (4) and cold (5) air. There are several outlet channels (17 to 19) on their downstream side. There is a sliding flap for both the warm and cold air channels to give the required mixing ratio. There is a rotary flap(15) ...

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