Lowe Anthony C: Diffusely reflective display cell. Ibm, April 30, 1997: GB2306229-A (79 worldwide citation)

To produce a paper like display a diffuser 28 is mounted on on the front substrate 12 of a display cell which is also provided with a reflective pixel electrode on the other substrate 14. The diffuser is preferably a volume or surface relief hologram and provides a low backscatter. The display inclu ...

Maillard Luc: Angioplasty device for arterial bifurcation. Debiotech, April 30, 1997: FR2740346-A1 (72 worldwide citation)

An angioplasty device for arterial bifurcation, including an inflatable Y-shaped balloon (22) with a trunk (24) and two branches (26, 28) connected thereto and defined by a single flexible fluid-tight wall. Said balloon has two internal passages (32, 34) for guide wires (48, 50), and a catheter (10) ...

Granger Romain: 3d measuring device for geometry of damaged car. Romer, April 30, 1997: FR2740546-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

The device includes a mobile carriage (9) sliding along a fixed rail (3) and being provided with three rotating discs (11,13,15). each disc rotates about an axis (17,19,21) normal to the direction of the rail. The disc presents a conic groove (23) which cooperates with a cylindrical bar (25) attache ...

Oni Olusola Olumide Akindele: Suture anchor installation device. Oni Olusola Olumide Akindele, April 30, 1997: GB2306110-A (51 worldwide citation)

The device comprises a hollow cylinder 13 capable of accommodating a single or double suture anchor 10 at its distal end 12, a pusher or rod 15 to eject the suture anchor 10 and a means for gripping 14 by the surgeon. Preferably the distal end 12 is a bevelled sharp edge. There is also provided a gr ...

Caton Jacques: Surgical knee prosthesis. Osteal Medical Lab, April 30, 1997: FR2740326-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

The prosthesis has a femoral trochlear section (1), with the trochlea and is articulated with the posterior face of the knee cap (2). The upper anterior section (9) is applicable against the lower frontal face of the femur for performance of an osteotomy. The lower section (11) is recurved towards t ...

Osteosynthesis insert for cervical vertebrae. Fuentes Jean Marc, April 30, 1997: FR2740321-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

The insert has a plate (1) which is rigid and extends longitudinally sufficiently to receive at least partially, the anterior sections of at least two contiguous cervical vertebrae. The plate has an anterior face (1b) and a posterior face(1a) which can be pierced with at least two pairs of anchoring ...

Griffiths Stephen: Safety device. Griffiths Stephen, Scott David Leonard, April 30, 1997: GB2306107-A (45 worldwide citation)

A safety device, of the type in which a lifeline is controlled to prevent injury of the user by falling, is formed as a modular system comprising a main assembly module 99 containing a pulley around which the lifeline is passed, and control modules 102 which can be attached to the main assembly modu ...

Claremon David Alan, Heimbrook David C, Liverton Nigel, Selnick Harold G, Huber Hans E, Mantlo Nathan B, Patrick Denis R: Treatment of raf-mediated cancers with imidazole derivatives. Merck & Co, April 30, 1997: GB2306108-A (24 worldwide citation)

Imidazole derivatives such as 4-[2-(2-chlorophenyl)-5-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-3H-imidazol-4-yl]pyridine antagonise RAF kinase and are useful in the treatment of pancreatic and breast cancers. The compounds may be applied orally in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids or may be applied topically.

Kowaguchi Satoshi: Selection of error correcting method in a radio communication system. Nippon Electric Co, April 30, 1997: GB2306278-A (23 worldwide citation)

In a radio communication system having fixed or mobile slave stations 20 which can communicate with a master station 10, each of the master and slave stations has an error correcting coding/decoding section, 12 or 22, which can operate according to a plurality of error correcting methods. The master ...

Self-medication device. Neftel Frederic, April 30, 1997: FR2740345-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

A self-medication device provided with a system for counting the number of times a bolus release control is actuated and designed to prevent bolus release during a refractory period corresponding to a predetermined programme. The time remaining until the next authorised delivery of a bolus is indica ...