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A home automation system comprises a number of sub-systems for controlling various aspects of a house, such as a security sub-system, an HVAC sub-system, a lighting control sub-system, and an entertainment sub-system. The network comprises a host computer connected through a host interface to a plur ...

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An ultrasound applicator for thermal therapy, having a multi-element array of plastic or rubber coated piezoceramic tubular transducers, each with separate power control and supported by a coaxially disposed semi-flexible central tube, which can be placed directly within the tumor or target region, ...

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A system for open electronic commerce having a customer trusted agent securely communicating with a first money module, and a merchant trusted agent securely communicating with a second money module. Both trusted agents are capable of establishing a first cryptographically secure session, and both m ...

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A.C. electrical heating system for heating a fluid reservoir (deposit) in the vicinity of a mineral fluid well, usually an oil well, utilizes A.C. electrical power in a range of 25 Hz to 30 KHz. The well has a borehole extending down through an overburden and into a subterranean fluid (oil) reservoi ...

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A coin sorting and counting machine and a method for operating it to automatically dispense cash vouchers based on the value of the counted coins, manufacturers' coupons and store coupons. Coins are placed in a hopper tray angled downward from the horizontal. When the hinged tray is lifted, the coin ...

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A protective sheath for a pulse oximetry sensor. The sheath covers the sensor and inhibits contamination thereof during use. The sheath obviates the need to clean the pulse oximetry sensor after each use while reducing the likelihood of cross-patient contamination. The sheath allows the use of reusa ...

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A system is provided which uses a pre-purchased card having an identity number to make long distance telephone calls or to order services over a landline telephone system. When long distance telephone calls are being purchased, the agent selling the card has the option of selecting the long distance ...

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Apparatus and method are provided for determining the concentration of an analyte in a fluid test sample by applying the fluid test sample to the surface of a working electrode which is electrochemically connected to a reference electrode which surface bears a composition comprising an enzyme specif ...

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A phase change ink composition is disclosed wherein the ink composition utilizes polymeric dyes in combination with a selected phase change ink carrier composition.

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Colored staples with color identification components are disclosed. A plurality of staples is provided. Each such plurality has a central section in a first plane and end sections in planes spaced parallel with each other and perpendicular to the first plane. The staples have a common cross-sectiona ...