James Doherty
Clifton J Blankley, Diane H Boschelli, Annette M Doherty, James M Hamby, Sylvester Klutchko, Robert L Panek: Pyrido [2,3-D]pyrimidines for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinase mediated cellular proliferation. Warner Lambert Company, Charles W Ashbrook, April 15, 1997: US05620981 (42 worldwide citation)

6-Aryl pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine 7-imines, 7-ones, and 7-thiones are inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinases, and are thus useful in treating cellular proliferation mediated thereby. The compounds are especially useful in treating cancer, atherosclerosis, restenosis, and psoriasis.

Bob Ware
Robert P L Absil, James R Katzer, Daria N Lissy, Robert A Ware, Stephen S Wong: Hydrocracking process using small crystal size zeolite Y. Mobil Oil Corporation, Peter W Roberts, April 15, 1997: US05620590 (22 worldwide citation)

There is provided a process and a catalyst for hydrocracking hydrocarbons, such as gas oils. The catalyst comprises a hydrogenating metal and small crystal size zeolite Y. The zeolite Y may have a crystal size of less than one micron. Examples of hydrogenating metals include nickel and tungsten.

David W Deaton, Rodney G Gabriel: Method and system for building a database for use with selective incentive marketing in response to customer shopping histories. Credit Verification Corporation, Baker & Botts L, April 15, 1997: US05621812 (578 worldwide citation)

A system and method is disclosed for customer promotion. A terminal enters a customer's identification code, along with customer transaction data, at a point of sale. A memory stores a database of previously entered customer identification codes and transaction data. Circuitry is provided for genera ...

Fabrice Florin, Michael Buettner, Glenn Corey, Janey Fritsche, Peter Maresca, Peter Miller, Bill Purdy, Stuart Sharpe, Nick West: Methods and apparatus for audio-visual interface for the display of multiple program categories. Apple Computer, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, April 15, 1997: US05621456 (571 worldwide citation)

An interactive audio-visual (A/V) transceiver is advantageously coupled to a television and/or telephone (T/T) cable, a TV, a video recorder (VCR), and other A/V devices. The A/V transceiver switches data between a program/service provider and the connected A/V devices. In one embodiment, the transc ...

InBae Yoon: Surgical clip with ductile tissue penetrating members. April 15, 1997: US05620452 (563 worldwide citation)

A surgical clip for constricting anatomical vessels and organs includes at least two generally opposed arms extending from opposite ends of a base member, a plurality of apertures formed in one of the arms and a plurality of ductile tissue penetrating members carried by the other arm in opposed rela ...

Neil J A Sloane: Delivery of medical services using electronic data communications. Lucent Technologies, Ronald D Slusky, April 15, 1997: US05619991 (511 worldwide citation)

Patient disease is diagnosed and/or treated using electronic data communications between not only the physician and his/her patient, but via the use of electronic data communications between the physician and one or more entities which can contribute to the patient's diagnosis and/or treatment, such ...

Stephen Langhans, Laurence M Goodman, Sigman L Shapiro: Automated purchasing control system. Visa International, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, April 15, 1997: US05621201 (472 worldwide citation)

An automated purchasing control system which can be customized for a corporate customer. The system receives an authorization request over the phone lines from a remote point-of-sale terminal and processes the request using unique software. The software has a database customized to a corporate user ...

Wouter M Muijs Van De Moer, Rienk Rienks: Sealing device. Dennison Meserole Pollack & Scheiner, April 15, 1997: US05620461 (401 worldwide citation)

A percutaneously insertable system for sealing punctures in blood vessels includes an element that is percutaneously insertable into and deplorable within a blood vessel, a thread-like member attached to the element that passes through the wall of the blood vessel and arresting element moveable on t ...

Paul V Lucey, Paul A Torrie, C Vaughan Seifert, Graham Smith: Surgical instrument. Smith & Dyonics, Fish & Richardson P C, April 15, 1997: US05620415 (388 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument in which a surgical tool is carried distally of a bend region in a stationary support member by an assembly that transmits proximally applied forces through the bend region to both operate the surgical tool and selectively change the rotational orientation of the surgical tool ...

Claude A Sharpe, Dwaine S Hurta, Mark A Hamlett: Multi-stage transponder wake-up, method and structure. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Rebecca A Mapstone, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, April 15, 1997: US05621412 (372 worldwide citation)

A system and method which conserves energy in the operation of a transponder or tag (14) by providing that the transponder (14) be enabled or awakened in multiple stages. A threshold detector (62) is provided which measures the power level of received RF energy. If the RF energy received by the dete ...