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An interactive network provides music to subscribers. A "more like" function allows a subscriber to use a seed song to identify other songs that are similar to the seed song, and to add the new songs to the current playlist. The similarity between songs is based on the subjective content of the song ...

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A motion-controlled video entertainment system includes markers to be attached at a specified position on a player; a detector operable to detect threo-dimensional positions of the markers; a calculator operable to calculate posture parameters of the player based on the detected three-dimensional po ...

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A procedure for selecting and storing data elements communicated from a common database to users of the database utilizing a communication link between each transmitter and a concomitant receiver accessible by the user. The transmitted information is augmented with attributes which are used at the r ...

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A multimedia collaboration system that integrates separate real-time and asynchronous networks--the former for real-time audio and video, and the latter for control signals and textual, graphical and other data--in a manner that is interoperable across different computer and network operating system ...

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A computer system replaces an input device, such as a mouse, with a video camera having an image recognizing function and an image extracting function to detect motions of the operator's body directly, and controls a computer apparatus to move a cursor and check on an icon on the basis of the output ...

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A surgical stapling or fastening instrument for applying surgical fasteners to tissue. A device for registering a removable cartridge containing the staples or fasteners into the jaw mechanism is provided, which prevents loading of an incompatible cartridge into the fastening instrument.

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A vertebral auxiliary fixation device comprises a receiving piece, a sliding piece, and a plurality of fastening elements. The receiving piece is provided with two sliding grooves in which the sliding piece is slidably received. The receiving piece and the sliding piece are provided respectively wit ...

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A camera and a beam-scan type laser radar whose optical axes are coincident are mounted on a vehicle. A lane detector detects the vehicle's own lane on a display image by processing an image picked up by the camera. A coordinate transforming device transforms the coordinates of positional informatio ...

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A method for establishing and maintaining virtual network domains in a segmented computer network having a first domain and a second domain. A first table entry for a first endstation in a first forwarding table of a first switching fabric circuit is created. The first table entry includes domain in ...

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A method of preparing an infection-resistant medical device comprising one or more matrix-forming polymers selected from the group consisting of biomedical polyurethane, biomedical silicones and biodegradable polymers, and antimicrobial agents, especially a synergistic combination of a silver salt a ...