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Various mechanisms are provided for use in a surgical instrument. A shaft and an engaged lost motion operating knob are provided for rotation relative to a handle portion. A latch system prevents rotation of the shaft unless the shaft is rotated by the knob. A cartridge is provided for rotation at t ...

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A bone plate for stabilizing the anterior column of the spine has a lower curved surface and an upper surface having two intersecting planes in each of which is a screw hole, the axes of the holes being skewed relative to one another. A bone screw used to secure the plate, has a single start buttres ...

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The present invention describes a method for superimposing prespecified locational, environmental, and contextual controls on user interactions, including interactions of mobile users, with computational resources. A system is described for electronically monitoring contextual information concerning ...

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An electronic health monitoring system. A multimedia processor is a modified CD-ROM multimedia interactive television video game console which comprises a microprocessor, hardware, and software. One or more physiological data monitors are coupled to provide a signal representative of a user's physio ...

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Oligonucleotide analogs are provided wherein phosphodiester inter-sugar linkages are replaced with four atom linking groups. Such linking groups include NR--C(O)--CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.2, NR--C(S)--CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.2, CH.sub.2 --NR--C(O)--CH.sub.2, CH.sub.2 --NR--C(S)--CH.sub.2, CH.sub.2 --CH.sub.2 --N ...

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A method whereby an anchor member is configured to provide anchorage of its attached suture within a hole drilled in a bone.

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A system of Flash EEprom memory chips with controlling circuits serves as non-volatile memory such as that provided by magnetic disk drives. Improvements include selective multiple sector erase, in which any combinations of Flash sectors may be erased together. Selective sectors among the selected c ...

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A bar code scanning and labeling apparatus for scanning and decoding a bar code associated with a product and generating a two dimensional bar code dataform incorporating selected data including at least a portion of the decoded, product related data from the product's bar code and additional data r ...

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Hand-held surgical assembly for use in performing a laparoscopic medical procedure, comprising a housing. An actuator tube having a bore therein is slidably mounted in the housing. A handle operated mechanism is carried by the housing for causing reciprocatory movement of the actuator tube assembly ...

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The electronic stethoscope is designed to minimize the influence of the various types of noise while optimizing auscultation of the sounds of interest, and to enable a cardiologist to auscultate mechanical heart valves. It comprises a probe for sensing sounds of interest produced within a patient's ...