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An inhalation device comprising a chamber having an inlet and an outlet; and an active substance reservoir; wherein the device further includes vacuum means for forming a vacuum in the chamber and valve means arranged to release the vacuum, so that the substance contained in the reservoir is dispers ...

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A method according to which neuroprotection is conferred upon ocular nerve cells by administration of a drug of formula (I) to the optic nerve and/or retina of a mammal within a period prior to or following an insult to ocular nerve cells but prior to cell death, wherein the 2-imidazolin-2-ylamino g ...


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A multilayer polymer film has an optical stack including a plurality of alternating polymer layers with skin layers having mechanical, optical, or chemical properties differing from those of the layers in the optical stack.

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A light diffusing adhesive comprising a mixture of a pressure-sensitive adhesive matrix having a refractive index of n¿1? filled with organic, polymeric microparticles having a refractive index n¿2?, wherein the absolute difference in the refractive indices of matrix and microparticles, that is,

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This invention relates to graphic films which exhibit a rainbow-like color image visible at certain conditions of illumination and observation, but, additionally expands the range of visual effects to produce very subtle hidden images, or 3-dimensional appearing images, or more dramatic images which ...

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A kink-resistant steerable catheter assembly (10) suitable for microwave ablation includes a handle (12), a catheter (14) and a steering control (60). The catheter has the following: [a] a flexible, torque transmitting and axially incompressible proximal or body portion (20) terminating in a proxima ...

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The invention relates to novel substituted cyanophenyluracils of the general formula (I) (see formula I) in which R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 and Q are each as defined in the description, to processes for their preparation, to novel intermediates and to their use as herbicides and insecticides.

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An electronic casino gaming system includes an unalterable ROM for storing a casino game authentication program, including a message digest algorithm program, a decryption program and a decryption key. A casino game data set containing casino game rules and image data is stored in a mass storage dev ...

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Optical devices according to the present invention include a multilayer optical film in which at least one of the layers comprises an oriented birefringent polymer. The multilayer optical film exhibits low absorptivity and can reflect light approaching at shallow angles as well as normal to the film ...