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An insertion set is provided for transcutaneous placement of a sensor such as a glucose sensor at a selected site within the body of a patient. The insertion set comprises a slotted insertion needle extending through a mounting base adapted for mounting onto the patient's skin. A flexible thin film ...

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Disclosed are devices for amplifying a preselected polynucleotide in a sample by conducting a polynucleotide amplification reaction. The devices are provided with a substrate microfabricated to include a polynucleotide amplification reaction chamber, having at least one cross-sectional dimension of ...

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Surgical staplers for use during open and/or laparoscopic surgical procedures are disclosed. Novel firing device trapping assemblies, pushers, staple lines and firing handles are described. Many of the novel devices reduce the overall firing force experienced by the surgeon.

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The gaming system includes a host computer, a plurality of general purpose terminal computers forming player stations remote from the host, means for providing communication between each of the terminals and the host. Each terminal has a program for generating screen graphics and sound locally in re ...

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An automated gaming table tracking system for a gaming table, such as blackjack. A sensor located in the dealer's card playing area senses the start and end of each game. A unique player identity card is given to each player that contains information on the player. When a player arrives at a player ...

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A method and apparatus for sending paging signals and messages to individuals within a building and accepting responses to the messages. Messages may be initiated by electronic mail, incoming telephone calls, incoming Fax messages, or other sources. Data is sent via radio to a communications unit ca ...

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Sequence-specific phosphorothioate oligonucleotides comprising nucleoside units which are joined together by either substantially all Sp or substantially all Rp phosphorothioate intersugar linkages are provided. Such sequence-specific phosphorothioate oligonucleotides having substantially chirally p ...

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A polyaxial orthopedic device for use with rod implant apparatus includes a screw having a curvate head and a coupling element. The coupling element has a tapered lower portion including a slotted interior chamber in which the curvate head is initially polyaxially disposed. The coupling element furt ...

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A blackjack or other card game system having a plurality of player counters which count the blackjack hands or other player jackpot tally events dealt to players. The system also includes at least one dealer counter which counts the number of bust hands of the dealer or other dealer jackpot tally ev ...

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A mirror with an information display includes a mirror glass having a display section. In one embodiment, the mirror glass has a pyrolitic coating on a front surface and an opaque backmasking on the rear surface. Semi-transparent material, such as light control film, is disposed on the rear surface ...