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An apparatus and method is disclosed for obtaining and measuring constituents in a sample of body fluid. The apparatus includes a member which is sized to penetrate into at least the dermal layer of skin to collect a sample of body fluid located within the dermal layer.

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A surgical device for stapling and fastening body tissues, comprises an insertion section extending from an operation section for insertion into a body cavity, stapling member connected to a distal end of the insertion section, for treating body tissues with a high-frequency current within a body ca ...

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A surgical instrument having a handle, barrel and working end effector tip is provided. The barrel is generally tubular, with one end being releasably connected to the handle. The end effector is movably attached to the other end of the barrel, and may be positioned and operated independently throug ...

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The biosensor of this invention can quantify a substrate in a sample liquid by electrochemically measuring the amount of an electron acceptor that has been reduced by electrons generated in a reaction between the substrate and an oxidoreductase. The biosensor has an electrically insulating substrate ...

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A system for determining selections that a user is likely to be interested in. The determination is made based on the user's prior indicated preferences. The user designates his or her preferred selections as entries in a user's preference list. Entries in the user's list are compared with entries i ...

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Systems and associated methods form larger and deeper lesion patterns by shaping a support body with multiple electrodes in ways that increase the density of the electrodes per given tissue area. The support body can carry either elongated, continuous electrodes or arrays of non-contiguous, segmente ...

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An interactive audio-visual (A/V) transceiver is advantageously coupled to a television and/or telephone (T/T) cable, a TV, a video recorder (VCR), and other A/V devices. The A/V transceiver switches data between a program/service provider and the connected A/V devices. In one embodiment, the transc ...

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A helical fastener having a high retentive surface area is provided and has a first end for enhancing penetration into tissue and a second end comprising a coil sectioning a diameter of the fastener for receiving longitudinal and rotational forces. The helical fasteners are attached to body tissue b ...

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A system and method for distributing real-time, compressed, digital video data from a video library composed of multiple mass storage devices through a digital video data server to large numbers of viewers via distribution networks is provided. The server obtains selected frames of video data for vi ...

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An improved hidden hinge digital micromirror device, and method of making the same, having hinges 424 attached to a yoke 428 which limits the rotation of the device mirror 430. In one embodiment, the mirror 430 is supported by a center support post 416 attached to two torsion hinges 424 by a landing ...