Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, Richard J Carey: Modified cation exhange process. Shipley Company, Robert L Goldberg, November 5, 1996: US05571657 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention is a process of removing metal ion contaminants from an organic solution, especially one having acid labile components. The process comprises modifying a cationic exchange resin by treatment with ammonia or amine and contacting said modified ion exchange resin with an organic solution ...

Katsuyuki Musaka
Katsuyuki Musaka, Shinzuke Mizuno: Method of forming a thin film for a semiconductor device. Applied Materials, Birgit E Morris, Michael B Einschlag, November 5, 1996: US05571571 (32 worldwide citation)

A method of forming conformal, high quality silicon oxide films that can be deposited over closely spaced, submicron lines and spaces without the formation of voids, comprises forming a plasma of TEOS and a selected halogen-containing gas in certain ratios. By proper control of the energy sources th ...


David H Judson: Web browser with dynamic display of information objects during linking. November 5, 1996: US05572643 (1717 worldwide citation)

A method of browsing the Worldwide Web of the Internet using an HTML-compliant client supporting a graphical user interface and a browser. The method begins as a web page is being displayed on the graphical user interface, the web page having at least one link to a hypertext document preferably loca ...

Henry Bolanos, Jeffrey J Blewett, Timothy O Van Leeuwen: Non-invasive treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease. United States Surgical Corporation, November 5, 1996: US05571116 (925 worldwide citation)

Instrumentation for transoral treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, an instrument includes a remotely operable invagination device for atraumatically approximating the lower esophagus and fundus of the stomach and for invaginating the gastroeso ...

Stephen D Kuslich: Expandable fabric implant for stabilizing the spinal motion segment. Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus, November 5, 1996: US05571189 (756 worldwide citation)

An expandable, porous fabric implant for insertion into the interior of a reamed out disc which is packed with material to stabilize the spinal segment. The fabric pores allows for tissue ingrowth through the implant.

Robert C Ladner, Sonia K Guterman, Bruce L Roberts, William Markland, Arthur C Ley, Rachel B Kent: Directed evolution of novel binding proteins. Protein Engineering Corporation, Iver P Cooper, November 5, 1996: US05571698 (694 worldwide citation)

In order to obtain a novel binding protein against a chosen target, DNA molecules, each encoding a protein comprising one of a family of similar potential binding domains and a structural signal calling for the display of the protein on the outer surface of a chosen bacterial cell, bacterial spore o ...

Pauline Shuen: Mobile networking method and apparatus. Novell, A John Pate, Berne S Broadbent, Gary D E Pierce, November 5, 1996: US05572528 (680 worldwide citation)

An internetwork including a plurality of local area networks may include wireless and hard-wired local area networks. The internetwork may also include wide area network links between routers. The system includes routers between networks, which may be bridged networks. Certain routers are configured ...

Nigel M Goble, Colin C O Goble: Electrosurgical apparatus. Gyrus Medical, Fish & Richardson P C, November 5, 1996: US05571100 (631 worldwide citation)

An electrode assembly for an electrosurgical instrument has an elongate tubular shaft with electrodes mounted on a distal end and, on a proximal end of the shaft, means for detachably mounting the assembly in a handpiece of the instrument. Electrical conductors pass through the shaft from the electr ...

Wesley D Sterman, Michi E Garrison, Hanson S Gifford III, John H Stevens: Devices and methods for intracardiac procedures. Heartport, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, November 5, 1996: US05571215 (631 worldwide citation)

The invention provides devices and methods for performing less-invasive surgical procedures within an organ or vessel. In an exemplary embodiment, the invention provides a method of closed-chest surgical intervention within an internal cavity of a patient's heart or great vessel. According to the me ...