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An automatic call distribution (ACD) system has a transaction queue for storing data indicating the skills and the levels of these skills that are required to process the calls at a call center. The ACD system also has a skills inventory database for storing data indicating the skills and the skill ...

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A method and system (100) establishes voice communications between a computer operator (102) and an agent (104) of a business over a computer network, such as the Internet (108). Using an operator computer (106), the computer operator (102) views advertisements of the business' products or services ...

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Four cameras (52,54, 56, 58) provide a 360 degree view of an area using a four sided pyramid shaped element (40). The four sides of the pyramid shaped element (40) are reflective and reflect images from four different directions. Each camera is positioned to receive a reflected image from one of the ...

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Intelligent call forwarding is implemented through an intelligent network. The intelligent network includes a Service Switching Point (SSP), a Service Control Point (SCP), and a Service Management System (SMS). A call to a network subscriber is routed to the SSP which is used to detect Call Forwardi ...

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Transmitting information on a digital control channel between a base station and a mobile station. The broadcasting control channel is divided into separate channels, which may for example be used for transmitting information at different rates.

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A rotary drill bit 10, or a method of forming such a bit, with at least two cutting element carrying regions, 510, 512, 514, 516 and 518, on the face of its crown 500, in which the cutting elements 530 in the at least two regions are differently structured to withstand the different drilling loading ...

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High-strength tubing made of ethylene polymer (PE) with a bimodal mol. wt. distribution is claimed. It has stress cracking resistance >= 1400 h and fracture toughness >= 7 mJ/mm.

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An improvement is proposed in the cleaning treatment of semiconductor silicon wafers in which the conventional step of cleaning with an aqueous solution of an alkali is replaced with a cleaning treatment with a temporarily alkaline pure water which is produced electrolytically by the application of ...

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A sense amplifier circuit for a semiconductor memory device comprises first current/voltage conversion means (1) for converting a current of a memory cell (MC) to be read into a voltage signal (V9), second current voltage/conversion means (2) for converting a reference current into a reference volta ...

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An organic electroluminescent device comprises an anode, a positive-hole transport layer made of an organic compound, an emitting layer made of an organic compound, an electron transport layer made of an organic compound, an electron-injecting layer and a cathode which are layered in sequence. The e ...