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A surgical stapler instrument is provided for applying lateral lines of staples to tissue while cutting the tissue between those staple lines. The instrument includes a handle portion, an implement portion, a reciprocating section, a drive member and a movable actuator. The implement portion include ...

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A device is provided for sensing the firing of a staple cartridge inserted into an end piece or end effector of a surgical instrument. The stapling instrument includes a magnetic sensing device arranged to sense the advancement of a knife or staple driver.

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A method for surgically implanting a prosthetic spinal disc nucleus body into a human spinal disc space is disclosed. The spinal disc space contains adjacent vertebrae and an anulus having a posterior side. The method includes cutting a flap through the anulus in the disc space to create an opening. ...

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A disk arthroplasty device (310) is provided for replacement of a spinal disk. The device is implantable into a resected disk space and is formed with ball (346) and socket (326) members and shaped to provide lateral bending and backward extension of up to about 5.degree. and forward flexion of up t ...

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An endometrial ablation device and a method of manufacturing and using the device. An RF current is passed through an endometrium to heat it. An electroconductive expandable member such as a balloon is used as the medium for passing the current and causing the heating of the endometrium. The power d ...

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A surgical instrument for endoscopic surgery is provided which is capable of articulation in the endoscopic arm portion of the instrument to supply the surgeon with improved adjustability in the orientation of the arm. The instrument provides means through which the surgeon can change the angle at w ...

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Endovascular grafting system having a capsule catheter comprising a flexible elongate tubular member having proximal and distal extremities and a capsule mounted on the distal extremity of the tubular member. The capsule is generally cylindrical in shape and is formed of a helical wrap of a metal ri ...

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An electronic system for integrating a user's moving image into a computer-generated pictorial environment, and allowing the user to interact with the environment and objects therein. The environment is rendered on a screen display in a manner that simulates three dimensions, including respect for o ...

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A method and apparatus for elevating, approximating and/or restraining internal organs or structures, and more particularly for treating female urinary stress incontinence are provided. The apparatus include an anchoring device having an elongated suture with an anchor at each end thereof and a cinc ...

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An apparatus for suturing body tissue is provided having an elongated housing, first and second jaws pivotably mounted to the distal portion of elongated housing, and first and second needles movable with respect to the first and second jaws. A first actuating mechanism is operatively associated wit ...