Kawasaki Yoshihiro: Sub-band notification method and terminal apparatus. Fujitsu, October 3, 1996: EP1841259-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a sub band notification method and apparatus in which a terminal notifies a base station of an optimum sub band that is determined based on radio link quality of a plurality of sub bands. The terminal apparatus (MS) measures (S2, S8) the radio link quality of a curre ...

Van, Antwerp William P: Polyurethane/polyurea compositions containing silicone for biosensor membranes. Minimed, LOWRY Stuart O, October 3, 1996: WO/1996/030431 (17 worldwide citation)

A homogenous polymer composition useful as a membrane for biosensors is disclosed. The polymer composition comprises the reaction products of a diisocyanate, a hydrophilic diol or diamine, and a silicone material. An aliphatic diol or diamine may also be included. Membranes prepared from the composi ...

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A compartmentalized cell culture bag (10) comprising a cell culture compartment (40) defined by a lower gas permeable film (120) and an upper membrane (20) selectively permeable to compounds of selected sizes. Culture medium (50) resides between the upper membrane (20) and the lower gas permeable fi ...

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A method is presented for indicating the dispensing of a predetermined amount of a material in a dispenser (10) having a dispensing portion (30) which dispenses the material during periods of operation at a frequency or intensity which can be varied. The inventive method includes determining the amo ...

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This invention relates to an apparatus and method for diluting a chemical concentrate. More particularly, dilution control is achieved by monitoring two flow meters (11, 14), comparing the flow rate information, and adjusting the diluent flow. to achieve a predetermined dilution of the chemical conc ...

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Modified amino acid compounds useful in the delivery of active agents are provided. The active agents can be peptides, such as rhGH. Methods of administration, such as oral, subcu-taneous, sublingual, and intranasal administra-tion, are provided, and methods of preparation of the modified amino acid ...

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Compounds and compositions for eliciting or enhancing immune reactivity to HER-2/$i(neu) protein are disclosed. The compounds include polypeptides and nucleic acid molecules encoding such peptides. The compounds may be used for the prevention or treatment of malignancies in which the HER-2/$i(neu) o ...

Dozier Linda T, Williams V George W, Long Dave, Mckee Douglas M, Davidson James G, Brady Karen: Plate-forme de developpement integree pour la publication et la gestion reparties dhypermedia sur des reseaux longue portee, An integrated development platform for distributed publishing and management of hypermedia over wide area networks. Navisoft, America Online, RICHES MCKENZIE & HERBERT, October 3, 1996: CA2216826 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention addresses the critical needs of publishers seeking to create and publish hypermedia content in electronic form across wide area networks ("WAN's") such as the World Wide Web. Toward this end, a client-server development platform is provided for handling the important functions ...

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Described is a ozonizer (10) with a first metal electrode (14) and a second metal electrode (20) with a discharge gap (18) between them, the first electrode (14) being covered with a dielectric (16). At least the first electrode (14) is designed as an aluminium or aluminium-alloy coating on a glass ...

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A thermal transfer sheet comprising a substrate having a coating comprising a substituted hindered indoline dye and a process for the use of such transfer sheets in dye diffusion thermal transfer printing.