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A system for open electronic commerce having a customer trusted agent securely communicating with a first money module, and a merchant trusted agent securely communicating with a second money module. Both trusted agents are capable of establishing a first cryptographically secure session, and both m ...

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An intervertebral disc endoprosthesis which is to be inserted between two vertebrae and has a bottom plate and a top plate which are to be connected to the endplates, facing them, of the vertebrae additionally has screw fastening facilities in order to increase the security of retention of the prost ...

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A distribution system for audio program materials includes a portable audio storage and retrieval device that is programmable from a high speed data transfer system, and that includes a high-capacity data storage medium, a base control interface for identifying and accepting program material, a mobi ...

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An island wound dressing comprising a fenestrated base layer, an absorbent pad positioned in the base layer fenestration, and a liquid and microorganism impermeable, gas and moisture vapor permeable cover sheet.

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A communication interface for decoupling one software application from another software application such communications between applications are facilitated and applications may be developed in modularized fashion. The communication interface is comprised of two libraries of programs. One library ma ...

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A user interface is displayed on a computer system capable of processing one or more data streams. The user interface has one or more displayed representations, where each of the displayed representations corresponds to one of the data streams. A user of the computer system selectively adjusts the p ...

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Libraries of unimolecular, double-stranded oligonucleotides on a solid support. These libraries are useful in pharmaceutical discovery for the screening of numerous biological samples for specific interactions between the double-stranded oligonucleotides, and peptides, proteins, drugs and RNA. In a ...

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A processing system intrusion and misuse detection system and method utilizes instructions for and steps of processing system inputs into events and processing the events with reference to a set of selectable misuses in a misuse engine to produce one or more misuse outputs. The system and method con ...

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A computerized system and method for managing work in process is provided. Case specific information, including information from an initial transaction is electronically entered into a database and automatically linked with a work source index which includes basic client information. Input informati ...

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In a computer network having a plurality of interconnected terminals and a shared memory device for storing digital data, a message handling system for sending and retrieving both voice and text messages over the computer network. A voice message is input either through a phone associated with one o ...