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An inflatable prosthetic cardiovascular valve which is constructed so as to be initially deployable in a deflated "collapsed" configuration wherein the valve may be passed through the lumen of a cardiovascular catheter and subsequently inflated to an "operative" configuration so as to perform its in ...

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A surgical instrument, illustrated as an endoscopic surgical stapler, includes first and second operating linkages respectively operatively connected with first and second operating levers pivotally mounted on a frame of the instrument. An improved mounting arrangement is provided for the operating ...

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The present invention describes a method for superimposing prespecified locational, environmental, and contextual controls on user interactions, including interactions of mobile users, with computational resources. A system is described for electronically monitoring contextual information concerning ...

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A Scalable Multimedia Network providing integrated networking of data, voice, video and image services over a variety of access facilities including metallic loops, fiber/coax or digital fiber is disclosed herein.