Stoddart Barry, Trani Marina, Del Duca Valerio, Yousaf Taher Iqbal, Park John Scott, Rapisarda Dario: Pretraitement du linge avec des chelateurs contenant un agent de blanchiment peroxyde pour le fer, le cuivre ou le manganese, pour diminuer la deterioration du tissu, Laundry pretreatment with peroxide bleaches containing chelators for iron, copper or manganese for reduced fabric damage. The Procter & Gamble Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, DIMOCK STRATTON, September 6, 1996: CA2213633 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the use of a liquid composition comprising a peroxygen bleach and a compound chelating copper and/or iron and/or manganese, for pretreating fabrics before said fabrics are washed, whereby the loss of tensile strength in said fabrics is reduced. The present invention ...

Hauser Pierre, Garcon Nathalie Marie Josephe Claude, Desmons Pierre: Hepatitis b vaccine. Smithkline Beeecham Biologicals, Hauser Pierre, Garcon Nathalie Marie Josephe Claude, Desmons Pierre, DALTON Marcus Jonathan William, September 6, 1996: WO/1996/026741 (1 worldwide citation)

A novel vaccine formulation is provided, compromising a hepatitis B component, particularly hepatitis B surface antigen, in combination with aluminum phosphate and 3 de-O-acylated monophosphoryl lipid A.

Glover Daniel: Aqueous lecithin-based release aids and methods of using the same. Buckman Laboratories International, GARRETT Arthur S, September 6, 1996: WO/1996/026997 (1 worldwide citation)

An aqueous release aid composition is disclosed that comprises a stable emulsion of an alcohol, a fatty acid or oil, lecithin, a water soluble or water dispersible surfactant, and water. Methods of preparing such aqueous release aid compositions and methods of imparting release characteristics to va ...

Zhang Guohua, Pinnamaraju Prasad: Sustained release formulation containing three different types of polymers. Hallmark Pharmaceuticals, MARSH James H Jr, September 6, 1996: WO/1996/026717 (1 worldwide citation)

Verapamil depot drug formulations include the pharmaceutical itself and a three component release rate controlling matrix composition. The three components of the matrix composition are (1) an alginate component, such as sodium alginate, (2) an enteric polymer component, such as methacrylic acid cop ...

Lifshutz Norman, Gahan Richard E, Stevens Graham C: Charge stabilized electret filter media. Hollingsworth & Vose Company, GEARY WIlliam C III, September 6, 1996: WO/1996/026783 (1 worldwide citation)

An electret filter media includes an additive or mixtures thereof that enhance the charge stability of the media. The filter media achieves acceptable alpha values for a range of filtration challenges without significant decay in alpha values over time. Preferred charge additives include fatty acid ...

Abajian Henry Baxter, Noble John Fowler, Flanagan Douglas R: Elcatonin controlled release microsphere formulation for treatment of osteoporosis. Innapharma, CARUTHERS Jennie M, September 6, 1996: WO/1996/026716 (1 worldwide citation)

This invention provides elcatonin- and elcatonin analog-comprising controlled release microsphere formulations, methods for their preparation and their utility in the treatment of osteopathies, for example, osteoporosis.

Neck pillow. Grignon Joel, September 6, 1996: FR2731143-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The pillow consists of a central section (1) and two side sections (2, 3) of different height and firmness. The central section has the consistency of a natural or synthetic material, but not foam, to provide comfort and reduce perspiration at head level. At least one of the side sections contains a ...

Patissier Max: Thermal blanket. Spora Sarl, September 6, 1996: FR2731145-A3 (1 worldwide citation)

The blanket consists of a layer of polyurethane mesh covered with a layer of aluminised wadding and having an impermeable polyester lining. The layer in contact with the body is of a moisture-absorbing and breathing polyurethane, resistant to liquids and micro-organisms, supple, elastic, non-odorous ...

Contraceptive or protective sheath preventing virus transmission. Oury Jean Pierre Maurice, September 6, 1996: FR2731149-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The device consists of a sheath (1) which fits around a first partner's penis, formed as an integral part of a sheet (2) which is shaped and dimensioned to be worn by a second partner. The sheet has formations around its edges for attachment to the second partner's body, such as adhesive strips (4-7 ...

Arandel Constant: Grinder for restaurant food residues. Mpi Creations Sarl, September 6, 1996: FR2731165-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The system is integrated inside a reception trough (1) positioned on a frame. The trough upper part has a support section (1d) for a hopper (2) for collecting all types of waste, and an open bottom (1c) which discharges into a waste receptacle underneath. Several modules positioned in the trough com ...