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A reel (12) for a harvesting machine (10) including a plurality of circumferenti ally spaced, radially extending support arms (24), a plurality of axially extending bat tubes (30) rotatably supported on the outer e nd portions of the support arms (24), a plurality of axially spaced tines (36), prefe ...

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The windscreen wiper (10) has a wiper blade (14,26) pivotally mounted (32) on a U-shaped shackle on a pivot rod (32,42) which extends transversely. The pivot shackle (16) is mounted for rotation on the rod and has a body (46) with a cylindrical recess (54) which receives a stub (42) of the rod which ...

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These heating elements, which are transparent, take a minimum of space and have a good efficiency, are comprised of a heating body consisting of at least one tempered glass plate covered with a thin electroconducting layer, and associated to one or a plurality of surfaces configured like transparent ...

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A planar meandering inverted-F antenna is provided, which is in one embodiment a broadband omnidirectional radiator and in another embodiment a narrow band omnidirectional radiator. The meandering inverted-F is a planar radiating structure having alternating cutouts along a longitudinal dimension of ...

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The method involves receiving location information by radio and associating them to data concerning danger or abnormal situations to which user can be subjected. The location information is used only upon reception of danger/abnormal situation information. A portable receiver/transmitter (1) can be ...

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The upper surface of the ski has hollows which hold reinforcement (20). These are a pile of rigid flat layers (21, 22, 26) and the top layer (21) is fixed to the inner surface of the ski. Two films (23, 24) of an elastomer material are put between the layers at the zones of maximum deformation. The ...

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Anthropometric and physical activity parameters of the person (1) are input to the computer (2) to display a personalised regime for the return of the person (1) to his/hers average ideal weight. The data entered relates to diet (calculation of weekly calorie intake and advised physical activity) or ...

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Extraction of active agents from plant material obtained by in-vitro culture is effected by comminuting the material in an aq. soln. at low temp., removing suspended particles, and sterilising the resulting aq. soln.

Laser remote control system for electrically controlled appts.. Oriot Jean Claude, September 6, 1996: FR2731290-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The system has a compact, portable input device (1) which transmits a laser beam. An image acquisition system (2), with an objective (2.1), is used to monitor a limited area including the laser beam impact spot when the input device is directed toward the area. A picture analyser determine the prese ...

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Methods and means are provided for the massively parallel characterization of complex molecules and of molecular recognition phenomena with parallelism and redundancy attained through single molecule examination methods. Applications include ultra-rapid genome sequencing, affinity characterization, ...