Liu Yanming, Newhouse Mark A: Large effective area waveguide fiber. Corning, July 31, 1996: EP0724171-A2 (65 worldwide citation)

A single mode optical waveguide fiber having a segmented core designed to provide a large effective area for light transmission. The large effective area reduces waveguide fiber non-linearities. The inventive waveguide is thus suited for transmission of high power signals over long distances. Embodi ...

Stern Roger A, Sullivan Vincent N, Richman Roxanne L, Roy Loren L, Marion Robert L, Striegler Thomas D: Bipolar/monopolar endometrial ablation device and method. Vesta Medical, July 31, 1996: EP0723467-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

This invention is an endometrial ablation device and a method of manufacturing and using the device. An RF current is passed through an endometrium (22) to heat it. An electro-conductive expandable member such as a balloon (10) is used as the medium for passing the current and causing the heating of ...


Slepian Marvin, Massia Stephen P: Local polymeric gel cellular therapy. Slepian Marvin J, Massia Stephen P, July 31, 1996: EP0723462-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

A method for providing a synthetic barrier made of biocompatible polymeric materials in vivo which involves application of a material to a tissue or cellular surface such as the interior surface of a blood vessel, tissue lumen or other hollow space, is disclosed herein. The material may also be appl ...

Takahashi Toyofumi, Tanaka Toshio, Terakawa Hideaki: Coprocessor system and auxiliary arithmetic function-carrying external memory. Creative Des, Nintendo, July 31, 1996: EP0724220-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

A coprocessor system includes S-CPU (18) in a game machine body (12) and C-CPU (34) in a cartridge (14), and these two CPU's are formed by the same CPU cores and have the same memory mapping functions. The access time of M-ROM (22) in the cartridge (14) is shorter than the cycle time of the C-CPU (3 ...

Fong Wing Chiu Francis, Wilson Raymond Frederick: Gasification process combined with steam methane performing to produce syngas suitable for methanol production. Texaco Development, July 31, 1996: EP0723930-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

Improved method for the prodn of methanol, comprises (a) partially oxidising a gaseous feedstock contg substantial amts of methane in a gasifier to produce a hot gasifier synthesis gas stream contg hydrogen and carbon monoxide; (b) passing the synthesis gas stream through a steam reforming catalytic ...


Tacke Thomas Dr, Mueller Herbert Dr, Ohlrogge Uwe Dr, Daly Francis P Dr, Lansink Rotgerink Hans Dr, Krause Helmfried: Catalyst, his preparation process and use thereof to produce vinyl acetate monomer. Degussa, July 31, 1996: EP0723810-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

Catalyst (I) comprises a SiO2 aluminosilicate or Al203 as carrier, and Pd, Au and alkali acetate as catalytic component. The novelty is that the carrier additionally contains a gp. IA, IIA, IIIA, or IVB element. Prodn. of (I) is also claimed.