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Apparatus for treating patients with motility disorders applies a modulating signal to the patient's vagus nerve to stimulate or inhibit neural impulses and produce excitatory or inhibitory neurotransmitter release by the vagus nerve according to the specific nature of the motility disorder. The app ...

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An intervertebral stabilization device is disclosed, made in the form of a damper adapted to resist elastically, on the one hand, an elongation and, on the other hand, an axial compression without buckling, as well as of at least two implants anchored on two adjacent vertebrae.

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An endoscopic or laparoscopic surgical instrument for applying fasteners to bodily tissue is disclosed. The instrument includes a handle assembly, an endoscopic portion and a jaw portion. The instrument is configured and dimensioned to be insertable through a cannula, and is useful for applying a pu ...

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A stent including a wire skeletal frame, the frame being adapted to assume a first condition in which the frame is relatively rigid and substantially tubular in configuration and a second condition in which the frame is flexible, of reduced stress, and collapsible, such that in the second condition ...

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An indexing VCR system which responds to broadcast information to record a program guide which may subsequently be displayed to apprise the user of programs to be broadcast during the next day or week, etc. The program guide enables the user to condition the VCR to record selected programs when they ...