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A method is provided for monitoring the progress of nucleic acid amplifications that rely on a nucleic acid polymerase having 5'.fwdarw.3' exonuclease activity. An important feature of the method is providing an oligonucleotide probe having a reporter molecule and a quencher molecule at either end s ...

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A novel class of compounds, known as peptide nucleic acids, bind complementary ssDNA and RNA strands more strongly than a corresponding DNA. The peptide nucleic acids generally comprise ligands such as naturally occurring DNA bases attached to a peptide backbone through a suitable linker.

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A system for providing interactive services in a subscription television system comprises a system network controller for controlling the interactive services having controller memory for storing subscriber terminal identification data, transaction identification data and transaction return data, an ...

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A system for the exchange of digital information packets includes an exchange with connectors to allow modular expandable units to connect to the exchange over transmission media. The modular expandable units send digital information packets from one to another over the exchange in response to reque ...

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A traffic control preemption system uses data received from a global positioning system (GPS) to determine whether a vehicle issuing a preemption request is within an allowed approach of an intersection. GPS signals are received and processed by the vehicle module to generate vehicle data, including ...

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A driving control system for a vehicle includes a map information output device for outputting a map, a vehicle position detecting device for detecting a vehicle position of a subject vehicle on the map, a vehicle speed detecting device for detecting a vehicle speed, a passable area determining devi ...

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A system is disclosed for delivering audio and/or video signals to users in connection with the provision of interactive television services. Various sources of such signals are connected to a digital network, such as a packet network. Also connected to such network are control and application proce ...

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A portable device (55) has a first receiver (62) for receiving a paging signal (40-52) from a paging system (10). A second receiver (72) receives area identification signals (20-26) from a second system. The received paging signals may be stored in a memory (80) for later retrieval. A controller (75 ...

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New sub-monomer synthetic methods for the preparation of peptide nucleic acid oligomeric structures are disclosed that provide for the synthesis of both predefined sequence peptide nucleic acid oligomers as well as random sequence peptide nucleic acid oligomers. Further these methods also provide fo ...

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Fertile transgenic Zea mays (corn) plants which stably express heterologous DNA which is heritable are disclosed along with a process for producing said plants. The process comprises the microjectile bombardment of friable embryogenic callus from the plant to be transformed. The process may be appli ...