Stéphane De Lombaert
De, Lombaert Stéphane: Certain tetrazole derivatives. Novartis, de, Lombaert Stéphane, NOVARTIS, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019486

The present invention relates to the phosphono-alkylamino-substituted tetrazole derivatives of formula (I), and tautomers thereof wherein R¿1? is (carbocyclic or heterocyclic) aryl-C¿1?-C¿4?-alkyl; X is phenylen, phenylen substituted by lower alkoxy, lower-alkyl, halogen or trifluoromethyl or X is e ...

Redden James Powers, Krutz Michael William, Astrom Richard Lawrence: Technique dacheminement dappels specialises et appareil destine a un systeme de transmission cellulaire, Specialized call routing method and apparatus for a cellular communication system. Motorola, Torsal Technology Group, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, June 27, 1996: CA2203813 (29 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for specialized call handling transmits (224) and receives (194) a specialized call request message, determines (196) a location of a remote communication unit (100, 110, 140) sending the specialized call request message, determines (200) at least one service center telephone ...

Taylor Dayton V: Systeme pour obtenir le deplacement virtuel dune camera independamment du temps dans des films cinematographiques, System for producing time-independent virtual camera movement in motion pictures. Digital Air, Digital Air, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, June 27, 1996: CA2208556 (8 worldwide citation)

A system for producing virtual camera motion in a motion picture medium in which an array of cameras (10) is deployed along a preselected path with each camera (10) focused on a common scene (12). Each camera (10) is triggered simultaneously to record a still image of the common scene (12), and the ...

Kline William T, Neilson George V, Mittelstadt Robert F: Hand assisted lamination system. The Boeing Company, CULLOM Paul C, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019335 (6 worldwide citation)

Apparatus (1 or 301) for use in making a laminated article having a three-dimensional contoured shape, said apparatus (1) comprising: (a) lay-up tool means (31 or 308) for receiving plies of a laminating material, said lay-up tool means having a three-dimensional contoured surface; (b) support table ...

Bäckström Kjell, Johansson Ann, Linden Helena: Powder formulations containing melezitose as a diluent. Astra Aktiebolag, Bäckström Kjell, Johansson Ann, Linden Helena, ASTRA AKTIEBOLAG, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019207 (2 worldwide citation)

A powder formulation for the administration of medically useful polypeptides, comprising a medically useful polypeptide with melezitose as diluent.

Jonza James M, Weber Michael F, Ouderkirk Andrew J, Stover Carl A: Multilayered optical film. Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company, sFORTKORT John A, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019347 (2 worldwide citation)

Birefringent optical films (10, 12, 14) have a Brewster angle (the angle at which reflectance of p-polarized light goes to zero) which is very large or is nonexistant. This allows for the construction of multilayer mirrors and polarizers whose reflectivity for p-polarized light decreases slowly with ...

Tang Jinyan, Roskey Allysen M, Agrawal Sudhir: Synthesis of stereospecific oligonucleotide phosphorothioates. Hybridon, Tang Jinyan, Roskey Allysen M, Agrawal Sudhir, KERNER Ann Louise, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019572 (2 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for synthesizing of stereospecific (Rp) phosphorothioate oligonucleotides. In this method, a primer comprising a plurality of deoxyribonucleotides and a ribonucleotide at the 5' terminal or 5' penultimate position, is annealed to a template. The structure is contacted with a mi ...

Ostendorf Ward William: Mouchoir en papier contenant une substance medicinale, Medicated tissue paper product. The Procter & Gamble Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, SIM & MCBURNEY, June 27, 1996: CA2208068 (2 worldwide citation)

A medicated, lotioned tissue paper includes a substrate and a semisolid therapeutic substance carried by the substrate. In a preferred application, the therapeutic substance is a lotion for soothing irritated and sore nasal areas and for providing improved delivery of a medicinal component to a user ...

Hahn Gary Scott, Thueson David Orel: Formulations and methods for reducing skin irritation. Cosmederm Technologies, Hahn Gary Scott, Thueson David Orel, MEIER Paul H, June 27, 1996: WO/1996/019228 (1 worldwide citation)

Compositions and methods are provided for inhibiting skin irritation attributable to chemical irritants or environmental conditions by the application of an anti-irritant amount of aqueous divalent calcium cation. The time course of irritation reponses for a panel of humans treated with 250 mM calci ...

Lau Aldrich N K, Vo Lanchi P, Reamey Robert H, Havens John R, Di Zio Kathleen: Methode de fabrication dun composite a cristaux liquides, Method of making liquid crystal composite. Raychem Corporation, Tyco Electronics Corporation, MARKS & CLERK, June 27, 1996: CA2208509 (1 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal light composite in which discrete volumes of a liquid crystal material are dispersed in a matrix material is produced by a process in which a reactive additive formulation is added and photopolymerized. The reactive additive formulation includes mono- and multifunctional compounds i ...