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An electrosurgical cutting device comprises an instrument body (10), and first and second cutting blades (12,14) at least one of which is pivotally mounted on the body to execute a scissor action with respect to the other blade. Electrical supply conductors (24) associated with the body (10) supply ...

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An electrosurgical instrument is provided for cauterization and/or welding of tissue of varying impedances, thicknesses and vascularity especially in the performance of endoscopic procedures. The instrument compresses the tissue in the compression zone between first interfacing surface and second in ...

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A surgical instrument for performing endoscopic surgical procedures. In one embodiment, the instrument includes a knife that remains unexposed until initiation of a cutting sequence, and returns to an unexposed position at the conclusion of the cutting sequence, minimizing the risk of injury to the ...

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A class loader downloads objects and object viewers from remote computer nodes, and invokes locally stored object viewers to view objects. When a user selects an object to view, a conventional downloading of the referenced object is initiated. The class loader, however, utilizes data type informatio ...

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A method and apparatus for the characterization and discrimination of bank notes and documents that are legal tender, the method for which is based on break down of the surfaces of documents into different characteristic zones, for the posterior detailed analysis of each zone under special condition ...

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A wireless broadband communication system architecture is structured to provide an array of narrowband and broadband services to an end user on demand. The bandwidth of delivery is dynamically adjusted to deliver and satisfy service requirements by utilizing the appropriate bandwidth on demand. Band ...

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A TAB Grid Array (TAG) package (100) is a package for an integrated circuit. A TAG package provides an efficient structure and method to connect a semiconductor die (101) encapsulated in the TAG package to an external printed circuit board (PCB). The TGA package uses a tape automated bonding (TAB) ( ...

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The invention is novel analogs of 9-cis-retinoic acid which are useful for the treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease and to protect against premature atherosclerosis by increasing HDL levels. The invention includes processes for preparing the novel 9-cis-retinoic acid analogs.

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An occlusive implant delivery assembly includes a rapid response decoupling or detachment mechanism that does not effect significant migration of the implant during release. The assembly includes an occlusive implant device, such as an embolic coil, a pusher or device to carry the implant to the sel ...

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A no-ID zone-bit-recording data recording disk drive system having an interface processor and a servo processor is described wherein track seek time is substantially reduced by the following two step seek process. The interface processor converts a logical block address (LBA) to an estimated physica ...