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This invention relates to a dwarf petunia plant, seed, variety and hybrid. More specifically, the invention relates to a petunia plant having a mutant gene for dwarfism which results in the reduced plant and flower size. The invention also relates to crossing inbreds, varieties and hybrids containin ...

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A spinal implant is disclosed which when placed within the spinal disc space stabilizes that spinal segment and materially participates in, and is incorporated in, the ensuing fusion.

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A device (40) for patterning an imaging member (46) is provided. The device (40) comprises a light source (42) which emits light rays (44). Light rays (44) pass through a collimator (45) to collimate the light rays (48). The light then strikes a spatial light modulator (50) which is controlled by a ...

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A graphical user interface for displaying and selecting video programs, such as video on demand, includes a video on demand server coupled to a communication medium. A plurality of settop box receivers are coupled to the communication medium for receiving digitized programming in the form of movies ...

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A light emitting diode emits in the blue portion of the visible spectrum and is characterized by an extended lifetime. The light emitting diode comprises a conductive silicon carbide substrate; an ohmic contact to the silicon carbide substrate; a conductive buffer layer on the substrate and selected ...

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A self-inserting absorbable orthopedic fixation device having a bioabsorbable fastening body portion for fastening body tissue, and having bone penetrating elements such as hard, pointed tips for penetrating bone or hard tissue fixed thereto. The pointed tips may be fabricated from metals or ceramic ...

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A computer implemented graphical user interface for receiving instructions and information relating to insurance products, and for displaying insurance proposals relating thereto. The graphical user interface has an insured section for receiving personal information about a person to be insured and ...

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A system interactively controlled by a TV viewer remote control transmitter displays, on demand by the viewer and on the viewer's display screen, descriptive data and a video clip related to a program identified on the program guide. A tuner receives TV radio frequency or optical transmission signal ...

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An aortic graft, and method and apparatus for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm includes a tubular graft which is intraluminally delivered through the aorta and secured to the aorta by the expansion and deformation of a thin-walled tubular member.

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A bone anchor and a bone anchor installation tool for deploying the bone anchor in bone.