Glen T Eisenbrey, James J Childress: Acceleration activated joystick. Exergame, Stratton Ballew, May 14, 1996: US05516105 (385 worldwide citation)

A video game user interface device that allows the user to play standard video games using realistic arm, leg and body movements which relate to the various activities portrayed in the video game being played. The device is sensitive to acceleration and outputs a signal to the video game controller ...

Peter D McAndrew, David L Potash, Brian Higgins, Jeff Wayand, Joe Held: Expert system for providing interactive assistance in solving problems such as health care management. AETNA Life and Casualty Company, Barry R Lipsitz, May 14, 1996: US05517405 (367 worldwide citation)

A problem solving expert system is provided which is particularly useful in managing the health care of individual patients. A description of a problem (e.g., medical condition) and a proposed solution therefor (e.g., medical procedure) is entered via a user interface. A topical library is searched ...

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A faceplate (10a) for directly viewing an image generated by a digital micromirror device (10b), which generates images by tilting tiny mirror elements (11) to on or off positions. The faceplate (10a) has a number of optical fibers (12) parallel to each other and closely spaced together. The ends of ...

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A video control user interface is provided for use in an interactive television system. The video control user interface includes a remote control handset with a multi-purpose, multi-direction actuation pad and a set-top box configured to operate in different modes, including a movie-on-demand mode. ...

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A control system for well stimulation equipment including a source of electrical power, a source of injection fluid, a fluid injection system, and a downhole electrical heater, electrically connected to the source of electrical power includes one or more of temperature and pressure sensors both abov ...

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A method and apparatus for simultaneous measurement of multiple distances by means of networked piezoelectric transducers. Through the use of high frequency digital counters, the propagation delay between the activation of an ultrasonic transducer and the reception by similar transducers is quickly ...

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The present invention relates to a fusion protein, comprising a pilin protein or a portion thereof and a heterologous polypeptide (target protein). In a preferred embodiment it relates to a method for displaying the target protein on the outer surface of a bacterial host cell capable of forming pilu ...

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Ground bone or cartilage particles are demineralized by extraction with a low ionic strength buffer such as 20 mM HEPES containing a chelating agent and protease inhibitors, then extracted with an acidic solution such as 0.3M citric acid, pH 4.0, containing protease inhibitors. The extracted materia ...

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A binding assay process for an analyte, using a capture binding agent with binding sites specific for the analyte and a developing binding material capable of binding with the bound analyte or with the binding sites on the capture binding agent either occupied by the bound analyte or the remaining u ...

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This invention provides a method of preventing or treating hyperproliferative vascular disease in a mammal by administering an antiproliferative effective amount of rapamycin alone or in combination with mycophenolic acid.