Stuart D Edwards: Thin layer ablation apparatus. Stuart D Edwards, Haynes & Davis, April 9, 1996: US05505730 (671 worldwide citation)

An ablation apparatus has a balloon that is inserted into an organ of a body and ablates all or a selected portion of the inner layer of the organ. Electrolytic solution fills the balloon, and the balloon includes a plurality of apertures from which electrolytic solution flows from the balloon. The ...

David T Green, Henry Bolanos, Gary S Kappel, Karl H Ehrenfels: Surgical staples with plated anvils. United States Surgical Corporation, April 9, 1996: US05505363 (422 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to anvils for surgical fastener applicators having a fastener forming surface for forming surgical fasteners, an intermediate surface formed of a metallic alloy disposed on at least a portion of the fastener forming surface and a polytetrafluorethylene coating disposed ...

Gary K Michelson: Apparatus and method of inserting spinal implants. Lewis Anten, Amedeo Ferraro, April 9, 1996: US05505732 (398 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a method of inserting spinal implants is disclosed in which an intervertebral space is first distracted, a hollow sleeve having teeth at one end is then driven into the vertebrae adjacent that disc space. A drill is then passed through the hollow sleeve removing disc and bone in prepar ...

Jeffery V Funderburk, Matthew Jordan, Deborah C McIntyre: Mated infusion pump and syringe. MiniMed a Delaware Corporation, Kelly Bauersfeld & Lowry, April 9, 1996: US05505709 (345 worldwide citation)

An improved medication infusion pump is provided of the type for receiving and supporting a medication-containing syringe, wherein the pump and syringe include matingly interfitted components to ensure use of the pump with a compatible and correctly installed syringe. The infusion pump comprises a p ...

A Paul Alivisatos, Michael A Olshavsky: Preparation of III-V semiconductor nanocrystals. The Regents of University of California, Paul Martin, April 9, 1996: US05505928 (303 worldwide citation)

Nanometer-scale crystals of III-V semiconductors are disclosed, They are prepared by reacting a group III metal source with a group V anion source in a liquid phase at elevated temperature in the presence of a crystallite growth terminator such as pyridine or quinoline.

E Earle Thompson, Thomas W DeMond: Apparatus and method for image projection. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Julie L Reed, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, April 9, 1996: US05506597 (272 worldwide citation)

A digitized video display for displaying and image utilizing a light source, a spatial light modulator that receives substantially all of a cross-section of beam from the light source and directing it along a different direction, and a surface positioned in the different direction for receiving the ...

W Bradford Paley: Three-dimensional mouse with tactile feedback. Basile and Hanlon, April 9, 1996: US05506605 (249 worldwide citation)

A three-dimensional mouse is disclosed for interfacing with a central processing unit. The mouse comprises a hand-held housing adapted to be used in free space. The housing has a generally vertical orientation relative to the user. A mechanism, mounted in the housing, is provided for locating the mo ...

Lehmann K Li: Surgical anchor and method for using the same. Mitek Surgical Products, Pandiscio & Pandiscio, April 9, 1996: US05505735 (247 worldwide citation)

An anchor for attaching an object within a tunnel extending through a workpiece such as a bone or a bone-like structure, and a method for using the same. The anchor includes a body and a plurality of barbs located in circumferentially spaced relation about the body. The barbs are formed of a materia ...

David F Bantz, Frederic J Bauchot, Chia Chi Huang, Nicholas J A Moulton: Diversity transmission strategy in mobile/indoor cellula radio communications. International Business Machines Corporation, Jack M Arnold, Louis J Percello, April 9, 1996: US05507035 (240 worldwide citation)

In a mobile cellular communication system, a base station is wired to a Local Area Network (LAN), and has wireless communication with a plurality of mobile stations. Multipath fading is substantially reduced in the system by utilizing antenna diversity techniques at the base station and each of the ...

Thomas H Buscher, Teresa J Coutre, Marianne J Franklin, Brian D Freeman, Wayne E Relyea, Edward N Shipley: Telecommunication network arrangement for providing real time access to call records. AT&T, Frederick B Luludis, April 9, 1996: US05506893 (227 worldwide citation)

A facility is provided in a telecommunications network so that a record containing details about an associated call may be delivered to a customer in real time during the progression of the call and/or immediately after the call has been terminated.

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