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The present invention relates to a method of bleaching sulfate cellulose pulp to a brightness of at least ISO 85 by using at least two of the following bleaching chemicals: oxygen, ozone, and peroxide. Characteristic features of the invention are that the pulp is digested; subjected to a heavy metal ...

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An electronic program schedule system which includes a receiver for receiving television program schedule information and promotional information transmitted via satellite, a digital playback system for storing the schedule and promotional information and formatting pages of said information, and a ...

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The use of compounds that block complement component C5 or its active fragments C5a and/or C5b (such compounds collectively referred to as "C5 blockers") to treat established joint inflammation (arthritis) is disclosed. Administration of such C5 blockers has been found to: 1) arrest and/or reduce in ...

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An expandable, intraluminal stent (10) is provided which can be inserted into a body passage, and is capable of supporting an intact vascular graft (25). The stent is a thin-walled, generally tubular member having a plurality of rigid support tabs (15) spaced uniformly around the perimeter of the tw ...

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Proposed is a transfer foil which makes it possible, starting from one foil, both to transfer hot stamping decorative elements on to a substrate and also individually to identify the substrate by a thermotransfer printing procedure, for which purpose the transfer foil includes on the one hand decora ...

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Paper sheets useful for facial tissues, bath tissues, paper towels, napkins and the like can be made to exhibit a high degree of wet resiliency. This property is achieved by using a combination of high yield pulp fibers (such as bleached chemithermomechanical pulp fibers) and a wet strength agent in ...

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A method for enhancement of wound healing by exposure to increased levels of nitric oxide is disclosed. Also disclosed is a method for inhibition of wound healing by decreasing the level of nitric oxide in a wound.

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The present invention relates generally to a temperature control system for fluids and relates particularly, though not exclusively to a temperature control system (10) for a swimming pool (12) using solar heated water. The temperature control system comprises a solar collector (14) and an accumulat ...

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A filtration/sterilization assembly which comprises: a filtration housing (1) comprising a base unit (3) and an outer housing (5), the base unit comprises a permeate channel (7), a port (9) for removing permeate from the permeate channel, a feed channel (11) disposed about the permeate channel, and ...

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A computer system that allows people to place, accept and settle bets for the purpose of communicating. The system cuts out the middleman, sometimes referred to as the bookmaker, allowing bettors to bet with each other directly. In addition to allowing people to place, accept and settle bets, the sy ...