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Surgical staplers for use during open and/or laparoscopic surgical procedures are disclosed. Novel firing device trapping assemblies, pushers, staple lines and firing handles are described. Many of the novel devices reduce the overall firing force experienced by the surgeon.

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Spinal fusion implants are inserted into a disc space of disc material separating first and second vertebrae by forming bores between the vertebrae. A distraction spacer is temporarily put in place on one side of the vertebrae while a bore is being formed on an opposite side of the vertebrae.

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An endoscope has a sterilizable, elongated, optical capsule section and a separable, disposable, sterile channel section. The capsule has a window at a distal end in front of an image sensor. Image transmitting electronic cables, connected to the image sensor, extend proximally from the capsule. Lig ...

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An implant is disclosed for use in spinal stabilization. In one preferred embodiment, the implant is described as including a hollow, cylindrical body having external threading and a plurality of openings formed radially through the body in communication with the body interior. The holes are positio ...

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Graft having a bifurcation for repairing an aneurysm in the vicinity of an aortic bifurcation in a patient comprising a main tubular body and first and second tubular legs joined to said main body in a bifurcation. The main body and the legs are formed of a flexible surgically implantable material. ...

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An internetworking system for exchanging packets of information between networks, the system comprising a network interface module for connecting a network to the system, receiving packets from the network in a native packet format used by the network and converting each received native packet to a ...

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The object of the game is for a player to form a five card poker hand that has the highest poker hand ranking. In the house banked version, all players play against the house and not against each other. The game is played with a standard fifty-two card deck. The game consists of a dealer and from on ...

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Novel compounds that mimic and/or modulate the activity of wild-type nucleic acids. In general, the compounds contain a selected nucleoside sequence wherein the nucleosides are covalently bound through linking groups that contain adjacent nitrogen atoms.

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A multi-format display system including hardware and algorithms for digital and High Definition Television. The system includes a light source (120), a tuner/preprocessor unit (114), a processor unit (116), a spatial light modulator (118), and a display surface (128). The processor unit can scale an ...

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A system for analyzing sample liquids using dry reagents which is particularly suitable for the determination of clinical parameters. The system includes an analysis instrument containing the individually sealed test elements to carry out an analytical test. Shape and nature of the test elements wer ...