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In electrosurgical apparatus for tissue desiccation and cutting, an electrosurgical generator has a series-connected output inductor (L) which forms a series resonant circuit with the capacitance (CL) of the generator load, the load including an electrode unit and a cable coupled to the generator ou ...

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In a semiconductor device including a semiconductor substrate (1, 1'), an insulating layer (2) formed on the semiconductor substrate and a semiconductor layer (3) formed on the insulating layer, the impurity concentration of at least one part of the semiconductor substrate in the proximity of the in ...

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A biaxially oriented sheet of a biodegradable thermoplastic resin composition containing a lactic acid polymer is used as a structural material for a supporting substrate (2) of a biodegradable card (1). The lactic acid polymer has a number average molecular weight of from 10,000 to 1,000,000. The t ...

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Tissue impedance or tissue impedance in combination with tissue temperature is used to control electrosurgical tissue treatment. Tissue impedance alone provides better control of electrosurgical treatment by determining an initial maximum tissue impedance, a minimum tissue impedance selecting a poin ...

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A system, method and language for compositing or creating images is disclosed. The images typically comprise a plurality of graphical elements each including color and opacity information. The system utilizes operators having the graphical elements as operands in which the operators combine the oper ...

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Ketotricyclo ( decane derivs. of formula (I) are new. Phe= phenylene opt. substd. by 1-4 OH, 1-10C alkyl or 1-10C alkoxy.

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This invention provides novel substituted benzimidazoles of formula II which are useful as tachykinin receptor antagonists. This invention also provides methods for treating a condition associated with an excess of tachykinin which comprises administering to a mammal in need thereof one of a series ...

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An improved support post (16, 23, 25) for micro-mechanical devices (10). A via (34a) that defines the outer surface of the support post (16) is etched into a spacer layer (34). An oxide layer (41) is conformally deposited over the spacer layer (34) and into the via (34a), and then etched back to the ...

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A digital signal processing apparatus for frequency multiplexing and demultiplexing of narrow band FDM signals has a first block fine processing stage (11) connected in series to a first block coarse processing stage (16, 17) and in parallel therewith a second block fine processing stage (11a) conne ...

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Nitrogen-contg. heteroaryl-oxazolidinones of formula (I) and their salts and N-oxides are new. R = N3, OH, OR2, OSO2R or NRR; R = 1-8C acyl or OH protecting gp.; R = 1-4C alkyl or phenyl opt. substd. by 1-4C alkyl; R, R = H, 3-6C cycloalkyl, phenyl, 1-8C alkyl or NH2 protecting gp.; or R or R = COR; ...