Chao Bi
Chao Bi, Kuan Teck Chang, Teck Seng Low: Method and apparatus for establishing a reference current for use in operating a synchronous motor. Laubscher & Laubscher, January 16, 1996: US05485071 (3 worldwide citation)

A method of establishing a reference current for use in operating a synchronous motor. A torque-angle profile of the motor is obtained, an excitation component and a reluctance component of the torque-angle profile are obtained, and the reference current is obtained from the excitation component and ...

Gary K Michelson: Apparatus and method of inserting spinal implants. Lewis Anten, Amedeo Ferraro, January 16, 1996: US05484437 (866 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a method of inserting spinal implants is disclosed in which an intervertebral space is first distracted, a hollow sleeve having teeth at one end is then driven into the vertebrae adjacent that disc space. A drill is then passed through the hollow sleeve removing disc and bone in prepar ...

Ernest Akopov, Vytchesalv Astashov, Nikolai Tvorogov, Sergei Udalov: Endoscopic surgical instrument and staples for applying purse string sutures. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, January 16, 1996: US05484451 (762 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple for securing a purse string suture to human tissue comprises a staple body of deformable material formed into a loop through which the purse string suture is threaded. The staple body includes a pair of legs which are deformable into an overlapping configuration upon insertion into ...

Michael O Rabin: Scheme for information dispersal and reconstruction. The President and Fellows of Harvard College, Fish & Richardson, January 16, 1996: US05485474 (704 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus applicable to a variety of data storage, data communication, and parallel computing applications, efficiently improving information availability and load balancing. Information to be transmitted in a data signal or stored is represented as N elements of a field or computational ...

David T Green, Henry Bolanos, Lisa W Heaton, Mark E Alari, Ghaleb A Sater: Apparatus for endoscopically applying staples individually to body tissue. United States Surgical Corporation, January 16, 1996: US05484095 (692 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is disclosed for endoscopic application of surgical staples for fastening body tissue, especially vascular tissue. The apparatus includes a frame and an elongated endoscopic section connected to the frame and extending distally therefrom. A staple storage cartridge cooperates with the d ...

W Leo Hoarty: Carousel display. ICTV, Bromberg & Sunstein, January 16, 1996: US05485197 (501 worldwide citation)

An interactive home information system is described for providing interactive cable television services to a plurality of subscribers. The system includes a "node" which is in communication with the headend of the system and a group of subscriber home interface terminals. The node operates to select ...

David Vaughn: Vehicle speed control based on GPS/MAP matching of posted speeds. Trimble Navigation, Boris G Tankhilevich, January 16, 1996: US05485161 (466 worldwide citation)

The GPS-map speed matching system for controlling the speed of the vehicle is described. The system includes a GPS navigation receiver, a database processing facility, a GPS computer, an engine computer, a video display, a speed sensor and a heading sensor. The database processing facility can be lo ...

Raymond O Colbert: Secure credit/debit card authorization. AT&T, Werner Ulrich, Mony R Ghose, January 16, 1996: US05485510 (445 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to methods for making a credit/debit card purchase without revealing the card number to the vendor of services or goods. The card holder is connected to a data base and provides the card number, plus holder identity verification, to the data base. The data base then verifies w ...

Martin H Singer, Daniel Tell, Anthony Kobrinetz: Personal locator system. Motorola, Jeffrey G Toler, Kevin A Buford, January 16, 1996: US05485163 (445 worldwide citation)

A system and method for locating a portable locator device in a communications network. The portable locator unit (PLU) (4) is activated either by an external signal (62) generated in response to remote activation source, such as a subscriber (6, 8) or PLU detector (106, 108), or by an internal acti ...

Shenshen Wu: Polyurea composition suitable for a golf ball cover. Acushnet Company, Pennie & Edmonds, January 16, 1996: US05484870 (424 worldwide citation)

A novel polyurea composition comprising the reaction product of an organic isocyanate and an organic amine, each having at least two functional groups is disclosed. Golf balls employing covers formed of the polyurea composition also are disclosed.