Pynson Joel, Payrou Viviane, Feurer Bernard: Sclerotomy implant. Opsia, December 29, 1995: FR2721499-A1 (47 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a sclerotomy implant intended to be set in place in the sclera of the eye in order to provide for a continuous flow of aqueous humour through the trabecula for the treatment of a glaucoma. This implant is configured like a platelet made of biocompatible material and comprisi ...

Martin Jean Raymond: Vertebral articular facet prostheses. Fairant Paulette, Martin Jean Raymond, December 29, 1995: FR2721501-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

A device for replacing all or part of the posterior vertebral articular processes (3, 13), engaging a support (7) and members for anchoring same to the vertebra, wherein each complete (5, 15) or partial (1, 11), upper (1, 5) and/or lower (11, 15) prosthesis mimics the anatomical shape of the posteri ...

Combelles Pierre, Rault Jean Christophe, Castelain Damien: Method for estimating residual phase error in demodulated digital signal samples, and correction method therefor. France Telecom, Telediffusion Fse, December 29, 1995: FR2721778-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

A method for estimating residual phase error in data samples (Zk) of a demodulated digital signal, comprising the steps of making a hard decision (31) concerning the value of each sample by combining each sample with the likeliest data element among a constellation of data elements forming a modulat ...

Belaud Maurice, Cetois Christian, Comte Gerard, Lucas Christian, Perez Bernard, Veiga Jose: Global performance optimising process for electric vehicles and their infrastructure. Belaud Maurice Joseph, Cetois Christian, Comte Gerard, Lucas Christian, Perez Bernard, Veiga Jose, December 29, 1995: FR2721559-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

The process involves assembling all types of electric vehicles from a basic chassis (1) to which would be attached propulsion (2) and steering (3) modules. The vehicle would be completed by bodywork modules (5) giving the facilities of a lorry, private car or van as required. Electrical energy would ...

Combaluzier Pierre Michel: Control unit with a keypad connectable to a smart card for activating the unit and keypad. Clifford Holding, December 29, 1995: FR2721730-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

A control unit (1) consisting of a touch-sensitive keypad (2), a display (8) and an operating system. Said unit (1) has a slot for a smart card (3) used to activate the unit (1). The keypad (2) comprises a number of touch-sensitive keys (13) made of transparent material so that the underlying insert ...

Daouadi Jamel: Vehicle location system for stolen vehicles and fleet tracking. Daouadi Jamel, December 29, 1995: FR2721776-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The vehicle location system has each vehicle to be protected or monitored fitted with a micro-emitter and receiver circuit. The micro-emitter (5) is activated by the receiver (8) detecting transmission of a specific radio signal. The radio signal is delivered over the cellular telephone network to p ...

Petit Serge, Chautard Alain: Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietetic and veterinary compsns.. Gattefosse Ets, December 29, 1995: FR2721518-A3 (9 worldwide citation)

Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietetic and veterinary compsns. contg. water derived exclusively from vegetable, animal or mineral prods., are new.

Bouchaud Ayral Christophe: Process for constructing oil pipes and pipe produced. Itp, December 29, 1995: FR2721681-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The pipes (1) are each made up of two co-axial tubes (10, 20) between which is placed a filling casing (15). The casing (15) is made of insulating material and/or ballasting material. The casing (15) is not placed at the junction sections (26, 32) of the internal tubes provided at each of the two op ...

Wu Hsin Tsai: Inflatable cushion for e.g. swimming. Bulton Entpr, December 29, 1995: FR2721581-A3 (8 worldwide citation)

The outer ring (31) which may be made of air-tight welded plastics encloses the folding cushion (33) which has a wider portion (32). The folding cushion may be spread out flat on the water's surface or the swimmer may climb into the folding cushion and use it as a seat with a neck support and with t ...

Aracil Santonja Rafael, Campoy Cervera Pascual, Penafiel Bueno Francisco, Serra Torres Juan, Blas Guemes Garcia, Rembado Gonzalez Jose Luis, Rego Serra Jose Maria: Automatic remote inspection system esp. for nuclear fuel elements. Iberdrola, Tecnatom, Nacional Uranio Empresa, December 29, 1995: FR2721704-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

An automatic inspection system for large three-dimensional objects is esp. applicable to nuclear installations to carry out a series of inspections of fuel elements without coming into contact with them with the type of fuel element and the desired dimensional inspection plan previously determined. ...