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Tests are performed prior to or during the boot operation to determine whether files are corrupted. This may indicate the presence of a virus. If a potential error is detected, boot is halted, allowing the user to boot from uncorrupted files. In another embodiment, an uniquely formatted floppy diske ...

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A therapeutic endo-rectal probe comprises a piezoelectric transducer element mounted in a support member itself connected to a rigid guide means enabling endo-rectal insertion of the probe, the outside shape of the support member preferably being that of a disk having an outline that is for the most ...

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A globally planarized binary optical mask has absorbers embedded (buried) in the mask substrate, instead of on the surface of the mask. Light scattering at rough vertical edges of absorbers of prior art masks are reduced or eliminated. Also, due to the buried nature of the absorbers, a triple singul ...

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A cardiac monitoring and defibrillation system is provided which may be embodied as a bedside unit or as an ambulatory unit. The system includes amplification and processing circuitry which receives and conditions inputs from a variety of sensing means such as an electrocardiogram, a blood oxygenati ...

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Methods for the detection of nucleic acid using sandwich hybridization are provided. The target nucleic acids are captured by hybridization with oligonucleotides covalently attached to polystyrene solid supports to form complexes which are then hybridized to detection oligonucleotides to facilitate ...

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The method of adjusting the saturation concentration of a drug in a transdermal composition for application to the dermis, which comprises mixing polymers having differing solubility parameters, so as to modulate the delivery of the drug. This results in the ability to achieve a predetermined permea ...

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A UV light-permeable optical glass consisting of a fluorine-doped synthetic quartz glass, which has a long term reliability.

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An NO.sub.x absorbent (18) is disposed in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine and the exhaust gas is constantly made to circulate through the NO.sub.x absorbent (18) during the operation of the engine. The NO.sub.x absorbent (18) absorbs the NO.sub.x when the air-fuel ratio of the ex ...

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An emission microscope is mounted on a transportable structure for use on a test floor and encloses or garages an entire automatic test equipment head to facilitate high-speed testing. Test procedures allow development of static/fixed defects over time. A video mask can be developed based on emissio ...

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The present invention discloses collagen-synthetic polymer matrices which are prepared using a multiple step reaction. The first step of the reaction generally involves reacting collagen with a functionally activated synthetic hydrophilic polymer to form a collagen-synthetic polymer matrix. The synt ...