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An electronic camera operates with a small, portable computer having a card interface of the type used for communicating with a removable memory card. The camera includes an image sensor for converting an image into an electrical signal, an A/D converter for converting the electrical signal into a d ...

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A lactide polymer coating resulting in a strong, repulpable, high gloss, paper coating. The lactide polymer comprises a plurality of poly(lactide) polymer chains, residual lactide in concentration of less than about 5 percent and water in concentration of less than about 2000 parts-per-million. A pr ...

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A catheter device incorporating combined ultrasound ablation and balloon dilation components. The catheter device generally comprises an elongate catheter body having proximal and distal ends and an outer surface. Disposed on the outer surface of the catheter body is a dilation balloon. At least one ...

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A transactional processing system is used in conjunction with a transmitting source. The system allows for real-time authorization of payments for a plurality of products and services made available by the transmitting source. A video menu is sent to a receiver representing a list of the available p ...

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A microprobe comprises a base, a microcantilever extending in a plane from the base, and a probe tip projecting from the microcantilever out of the plane. The microcantilever is a bimorph structure comprising first and second layers made from materials having different coefficients of thermal expans ...

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A surgical apparatus for applying staples or fasteners to tissue to form a circular anastomosis having an adjustable closure mechanism to rapidly approximate the distance between the anvil member and the fastener assembly of the instrument. The adjustable closure mechanism provides for rapid approxi ...

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Mobility is provided for wireless local loop radiotelephone systems by providing the home access network of a subscriber unit with a home access number. Upon registration of the subscriber unit with its home access network, the home access number is transmitted to the subscriber unit for storage the ...

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An object oriented distributed computing system is provided. Processing means call a location service within automatically generated stubs in response to a request for a service provided by a particular object. The location service is automatically called on behalf of the requester to locate the tar ...

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Conductive leads are connected at inner ends thereof to electrodes of a semiconductor chip through a tape automated bonding process, and bumps are formed on the other ends of the conductive leads so as to economically and reliably mount the semiconductor chip on a circuit board through a concurrent ...

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The invention encompasses the novel compound of Formula I useful in the treatment of cyclooxygenase-2 mediated diseases, ##STR1## The invention also encompasses certain pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of cyclooxygenase-2 mediated diseases comprising compounds of Formula I.