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An imaging device formed as a monolithic complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit in an industry standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor process, the integrated circuit including a focal plane array of pixel cells, each one of the cells including a photogate overlying the ...

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A gaming machine accounting and monitoring system includes a plurality of accumulative, non-resettable accounting meters and an event processor for sensing game activity at the gaming machine and updating the accounting meters in response thereto. The system also includes separate game credit meters ...

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A unique hernia repair stapler is described which allows the forming of staples to attach prosthetics to tissue, or to approximate herniated tissue. The staple is useful in endoscopic operations and may be rotatable or stationary. The stapler has a unique forming and ejecting mechanism; as well, the ...

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A non-enzymatic implantable blood glucose detector. The detector makes use of a non-reactive tin oxide semiconductor measurement electrode which is suitably energized by an electrical power source. Variations in current density at the measurement electrode are related to variations in glucose conten ...

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The present invention is a global positioning system that helps a blind pedestrian navigate through a city. This system uses the Department of Defense Global Positioning System (GPS) and a Differential GPS receiver to determine a pedestrian's longitude and latitude. Once these coordinates have been ...

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A surgical stapler with an overload sensor and lockout is disclosed. The surgical stapler is particularly useful in laparoscopic surgical procedures.

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A surgical fastener for securing a hollow organ to an outer tissue layer. The surgical fastener includes first and second opposing fastener heads, a filament portion extending between the first and second fastener heads, and a tubular sleeve which is slidably displaceable along the filament portion. ...

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An improved apparatus for applying surgical fasteners to body tissue includes a cartridge containing a plurality of fasteners, an anvil positioned opposite the cartridge, and a locking mechanism to prevent re-approximation of the cartridge towards the anvil after the fasteners are fired and the cart ...

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A testing and training system for measuring and assessing leg reaction movement sequence of a subject includes a test field having a plurality of load sensing target positions defining vectored movement paths for the subject, the field and target positions being replicated on a video screen position ...

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A system for achieving reduction of curvature of the lumbar region of the spine associated with spondylolisthesis includes a hook assembly attached to vertebra L4, transverse plates affixed to vertebrae L4 and L5, and sacral plates affixed to opposite sides of the sacrum. The hooks and the plates in ...