Jacques Orban, Neil W Richardson: Method for directionally drilling a borehole. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, David L Moseley, Wayne I Kanak, November 21, 1995: US05467832 (138 worldwide citation)

In accordance with illustrative embodiments of the present invention, a measuring-while-drilling system includes a sensor sub positioned at the lower end of a downhole motor assembly so that the sub is located near the drill bit. The sub houses instrumentalities that measure various downhole paramet ...

Lewis S Ostrover, Christopher J Cookson, Warren N Lieberfarb: System and method for controlling play of multiple audio tracks of a software carrier. Time Warner Entertainment Co, Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman, November 21, 1995: US05469370 (137 worldwide citation)

A system for selectively combining numerous audio tracks recorded on an optical disk, including subtracting, by phase inversion, particular tracks from a full mix. Each track might contain a recording of an individual instrument, or a group of instruments. When the disk is played, the player provide ...

Jing Yih Cherng, James K Klang: Method for optimizing the charging of lead-acid batteries and an interactive charger. GNB Battery Technologies, Leydig Voit & Mayer, November 21, 1995: US05469043 (136 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for charging lead-acid batteries which comprises periodic voltage sweeps to determine the charging voltage that should be used for the battery and then adjusting the charging voltage in accordance with that voltage sweep information so as to ensure that a highly e ...

William C Allen, Michael G Maurizi: Method for repairing tears and incisions in soft tissue. William C Allen, Senniger Powers Leavitt & Roedel, November 21, 1995: US05467786 (135 worldwide citation)

A method for closing an opening in soft tissue inside the body includes the step of making an incision in the body for permitting access to the interior of the body generally adjacent to the location of the opening in the soft tissue inside the body. An instrument is inserted through the incision to ...

Ross R Allen, Si Ty Lam, Paul H McClelland, Eric G Hanson: Wide inkjet printhead. Hewlett Packard Company, November 21, 1995: US05469199 (133 worldwide citation)

A novel, wide inkjet printhead and method of forming said inkjet printhead is disclosed, wherein a pattern of orifices are formed, using a step-and-repeat process, in a flexible tape using laser ablation or other suitable etching devices. The location of the orifices corresponds to where ink will be ...

James M Gee: Method of making a back contacted solar cell. Sandia Corporation, Gregory A Cone, November 21, 1995: US05468652 (132 worldwide citation)

A back-contacted solar cell having laser-drilled vias connecting the front-surface carrier-collector junction to an electrode grid on the back surface. The structure may also include a rear surface carrier-collector junction connected to the same grid. The substrate is connected to a second grid whi ...

Michael Braden, Sandra Downes, Mangala P Patel, Kenneth W M Davy: Biomaterials for tissue repair. Nixon & Vanderhye, November 21, 1995: US05468787 (128 worldwide citation)

A curable composition of a monomeric heterocyclic acrylic or methacrylic ester and an acrylate or methacrylate polymer is used to promote tissue repair, especially cartilage repair.

James D Seamans, Charles T Adams, Wendy B Dominguez, Andrew A J Chen: Process of hydrotreating and/or hydrocracking hydrocarbon streams or tail gas treating sulfur-containing gas streams. Shell Oil Company, November 21, 1995: US05468372 (127 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an improved method of presulfurizing a sulfidable metal oxide(s)-containing catalyst which minimizes sulfur stripping upon start-up of a reactor and improves catalyst activity. The method consists of contacting a sulfidable metal oxide(s)-containing catalyst with elemental s ...

Susan L Rose Pehrsson, Daniel Di Lella, Jay W Grate: Smart sensor system and method using a surface acoustic wave vapor sensor array and pattern recognition for selective trace organic vapor detection. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Thomas E McDonnell, George A Kap, November 21, 1995: US05469369 (127 worldwide citation)

A method and a system using that method are provided which employ a pattern ecognition algorithm to improve sensitivity in detecting hazardous vapors. The algorithm enables the discrimination of vapors of interest from non-hazardous substances at higher concentrations in varying relative humidity. A ...

Gregory J Beveridge: Method and apparatus for delivering secured telephone service in hybrid coaxial cable network. U S West Advanced Technologies, Timothy R Schulte, Stephen F Jewett, November 21, 1995: US05469495 (126 worldwide citation)

A hybrid coaxial cable network employing interdiction to ensure privacy in telephony communications. The video and telephony signals are secured such that telephony and interactive video signals to and from a subscriber do not appear on the network at any other undesired subscriber location.

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