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Disclosed herein is a surgical device for applying surgical fasteners to body tissues in order to fasten the body tissues together. The device comprises an operation section having a housing having an inner space completely sealed from the outside, drive elements electrically driven and arranged in ...

Rao S Bezwada, Angelo G Scopelianos: Elastomeric medical device. Ethicon, Hal Brent Woodrow, November 21, 1995: US05468253 (499 worldwide citation)

Medical devices or components for medical devices formed from bioabsorbable elastomers comprising a random copolymer are disclosed. The random copolymer is a copolymer of from about 30 to about 70 weight percent of: a) .epsilon.-caprolactone, trimethylene carbonate, an ether lactone, or a mixture of ...

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A vehicle includes a mirror mounted near the roof for reflecting an image generated by a display source. The display source and mirror are shaped and positioned to provide a virtual image of the image generated by the display source which is focused at infinity.

Hugo J Strubbe, Robert McFarlane: System and method for automatically correlating user preferences with electronic shopping information. Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Michael E Marion, November 21, 1995: US05469206 (314 worldwide citation)

A system comprising a user interface which can access downloaded electronic shopping information, which can be continually updated and provided either "over the air", over cable or satellite transmission paths or other "fast data" paths, and automatically correlate this information with the preferen ...

Thomas A Kean: Hierarchically connectable configurable cellular array. Xilinx, Edel M Young, November 21, 1995: US05469003 (306 worldwide citation)

An field programmable gate array (FPGA) of cells arranged in rows and columns is interconnected by a hierarchical routing structure. Switches separate the cells into blocks and into blocks of blocks with routing lines interconnecting the switches to form the hierarchy. Also, select units for allowin ...

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A biometric is a substantially stable physical or behavioral characteristics of a person which can be automatically measured and characterized for comparison. In accordance with the subject invention an identification card includes an encrypted representation of the biometric characteristic, which m ...

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A system and method for editing digital images in three dimensions includes a computer for storing a digital image of an object and a background, as well as at least one additional background image. Based upon the difference between the hues of the edge of the object and the surrounding background a ...

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A surgical instrument includes a plurality of segments which can be moved relative to each other from a first position in which the segments extend in a straight direction and can be inserted through an opening in a body to a second position in which segments are brought tight against each other to ...

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This invention features a data backup procedure and apparatus for backing up and restoring, or otherwise loading a fully configured operating system to the high capacity storage device (e.g., hard disk) of a computer workstation, such as a personal computer. The method includes providing a first med ...

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A method of etching openings in oxide layers is disclosed. A hard mask layer is formed on the oxide layer. The hard mask layer is then patterned by a photoresist layer and an etch is performed to form openings in the hard mask. Next, the patterning layer may be removed and an etch is performed to re ...