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A computer method and system for providing a user with efficient selection of a television program to view or record. The method provides concurrent display of a television schedule with a graphic description and a textual description of the television program currently selected by the user from the ...

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A storage device comprises, on a substrate, a first semiconductor region of one conductivity type, second and third semiconductor regions of a conductivity type opposite to the one conductivity type contiguous to the first semiconductor region, a first electrode which is formed on a region for isola ...

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A multi-code code division multiple access system allows a user at a radio transmitter unit to dynamically change its source data bit rate. In response to a user input selecting one of said plurality of source bit rates, an adjustable coding means in the transmitter spreads and transmits the user's ...

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A transmission power control method of a mobile station in a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) system which primarily controls transmission power of the mobile station by using a closed loop control which enables high accuracy power control. When the received power at the base station of a signal ...

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The invention provides a method of producing a humanized immunoglobuin (Ig) comprising the step of combining complementarity determining regions from a donor Ig with a framework that is a consensus sequence of frameworks of many human antibodies.

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A system to identity and monitor contents and/or parts of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, by processing the signal received from the contents or parts using one or more techniques, includes neural networks or other pattern recognition systems and technologies including ultrasonic and e ...

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Use of pyrrolo(2,3-d)pyrimidine derivs. of formula (I) or their salts to prepare medicaments for treatment of tumours and other proliferative diseases, disorders of the immune system mediated by protein-tyrosine and/or protein-threonine kinases, and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous sy ...

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The chip card (1) has a rectangular card body, with one or more layers, incorporating an IC chip and at least one coil (7), for energy supply and/or data exchange between the IC and an external card reader. The IC and at least 2 contact elements are incorporated in a module (6) positioned so that th ...

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A signal transmitting apparatus using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing includes an inverse fast Fourier transform circuit for converting a digital information signal into a first multi-value QAM modulation signal. A guard interval setting circuit is operative for periodically generating a ...

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A low-foaming wetting agent consists of (1) 30-90 wt.% of one or more substances of formula R1O-(EO)-H (Ia), R1O-(EO)n-(PO)o-H (Ib) and/or R1O-(PO)p-(EO)q-H (Ic); (2) 70-10 wt.% of one or more substances of formula R2O-(PO)r-H (II); and (3) 0-30 wt.% of one or more substances of formula R3O-(EO)s-H ...