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A surgical stapler instrument is provided for applying lateral lines of staples to tissue while cutting the tissue between those staple lines. The instrument includes a handle portion, an implement portion, a reciprocating section, a drive member and a movable actuator. The implement portion include ...

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Apparatus for mapping a wall of a heart forming a chamber in the heart comprising a guiding catheter having a lumen extending therethrough and a mapping catheter having a shaft that is slidably mounted in the lumen of the guiding catheter. A basket assembly is provided and is comprised of a pluralit ...

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An improved surgical instrument is provided for applying surgical fasteners, such as staples, to human tissue which is particularly suited for applying one or more rows of fasteners across a tissue lumen. The surgical instrument can be used in thoracic and abdominal surgical procedures where access ...

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A bone interface anchor is provided for use with a stabilizer rod for the internal fixation of a spine. The anchor has a seat which accommodates the stabilizer rod and which receives a bone screw for the fixation of the seat to the bone. A compression member cooperates with the seat external to the ...

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A system for allowing a telephone subscriber to selectively block incoming calls for selected time periods or during programmed time intervals. A subscriber may pre-program a time interval in minutes, or a time period (start time and end time) for which some or all incoming calls are to be blocked. ...

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A linear surgical stapling instrument includes a magazine for holding a plurality of undeformed surgical staples, and an upper jaw carrying the magazine and having opposed distal and proximal ends. An anvil is formed with staple-deforming pockets, and a lower jaw carries the anvil and has opposing d ...

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Oligomers which have substituents on the 2' position are resistant to oligonucleases and furthermore can be derivatized to deliver reagents or drugs, to carry label, or to provide other properties.

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An apparatus and method provides for the crediting of accounts of a user for purchasing a given product. A manufacturer establishes an account with a service bureau who, in turn, sets up an access line such that the user can access the line to obtain a credit on his account. The account is typically ...

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An interactive robotic therapist interacts with a patient to shape the motor skills of the patient by guiding the patient's limb through a series of desired exercises with a robotic arm. The patient's limb is brought through a full range of motion to rehabilitate multiple muscle groups. A drive syst ...

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A connection of first and second members wherein each has a body and a connecting end with an inner surface so the second connecting end has an outer surface shaped for telescoping into the inner surface of the first connecting end. A shoulder is located on the second member and a groove is in the o ...