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An apparatus and method are provided for control contraction of tissue that includes collagen fibers. The apparatus includes a handpiece, and an electrode with an electrode proximal end associated with the handpiece. A distal end of the electrode has a geometry that delivers a controlled amount of e ...

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A method and apparatus for performing various optical measurements is provided utilizing an optical coherence domain refrectometer (OCDR). A short coherence optical radiation source applies optical radiation through like optical paths to a sample and an optical reflector. The optical reflector is mo ...

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An implant is disclosed for use in spinal stabilization. In one preferred embodiment, the implant is a body having side walls extending between upper and lower walls with openings on the upper and lower walls. The side walls are solid and oppose disk material.

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A method and system for delivering product picks to a prospective individual user. Personal user information is gathered. Information on a user's use of a product during product use is gathered, correlated and stored. A user code provided to the user is correlated with the user information and the u ...

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This invention comprises of a synthetic intervertebral disc for implantation in the human body. The disc, in its preferred embodiment, is comprised of disc-shaped plates 11(a&b) joined by springs along the inside of the outer perimeter. The plates have oval-like cutouts in their centers for a compre ...

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A prosthesis used for a damaged bone, an artificial articular cartilage or an artificial intervertebral disc being characterized in that the prosthesis is a composite body comprising polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel and ceramic or metallic porous body. With this prosthesis, PVA hydrogel enhances lubricati ...

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The vertebral body prosthesis includes cephalic and caudal components with a separating setscrew therebetween. The cephalic component includes a generally horizontal member having an upper porous, water-permeable surface complementary shaped to the underside of the adjacent vertebral body, a securem ...

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A cutting and coagulating forceps includes a housing with a protruding barrel, a pair of electrocautery jaws which are closed by camming contact with the mouth of the barrel when the jaws are retracted, and an independently sliding blade which passes between the jaws. The jaws are opened by squeezin ...

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The invention is directed to a stent delivery method and system which generally includes an elongated delivery sheath and a catheter disposed within an outer lumen of the sheath having an expandable member on its distal extremity. An expandable stent is mounted on the expandable member of the cathet ...