Bolanos Henry, Lehn Randolph F: Graduated anvil for surgical stapling instruments.. United States Surgical, October 11, 1995: EP0676173-A1 (397 worldwide citation)

An anvil 120 is disclosed for utilization in conjunction with a surgical stapling instrument configured to apply rows of staples to body tissue. The anvil is provided with graduations 130 to delineate the boundaries of the staple forming area defined thereby, as well as to delineate the range throug ...

Ishikawa Youhei C O Murata Man, Tanizaki Toru C O Murata Manuf: Transmit-receive module for a means of transportation.. Murata Manufacturing Co, October 11, 1995: EP0676648-A1 (111 worldwide citation)

A communication module for a means of transportation such as an automobile, a vessel or the like, the communication module being disposed on a back side or inside of an identification plate of the means of transportation. The communication module is formed of a millimeter wave integrated circuit sec ...

Wimmer Myles Steven: Method and system for customizing the display of patient physiological parameters on a medical monitor.. Spacelabs Medical, October 11, 1995: EP0676709-A2 (95 worldwide citation)

A method and system for customizing the display of patient physiological parameters on a medical monitor are provided. Medical sensors connected to a patient record vital signs for the patient and transmit physiological parameters to the medical monitor. The medical monitor displays selected paramet ...

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A wiper (85) and a recording head (49) is improved in durability by omitting means for extending or retracting a wiper (85) such as a latch mechanism to reduce the factor of noise, and an efficient design is allowed by reducing the travel amount of a carriage (50) for the cleaning operation. The wip ...

Lupo Donald Dr, Salbeck Josef Dr, Schenk Hermann Dr, Stehlin Thomas Dr, Stern Roland Dr, Wolf Arno Dr, Kreuder Willi Dr: Spiro compounds and their application as electroluminescence materials.. Hoechst, October 11, 1995: EP0676461-A2 (65 worldwide citation)

The use of spiro cpds. of formula (I) in electroluminescent devices is claimed. In (I), K1, K2 = conjugated systems. Also claimed are spiro cpds. of formula (IA); electroluminescent devices contg. cpd(s). (I); and organic electroluminescent material. In (IA), A, B, K, L, M, N = R-Q-(T)m-(CH=CH)n-, R ...

Haimi Cohen Raziel, Reed Adam Victor: Speech recognition system with display for users confirmation.. At & T, October 11, 1995: EP0676882-A2 (48 worldwide citation)

A speech recognizer system for use with a telecommunication network wherein an input signal generated onto the network from a first terminal is directed to a speech recognizer for estimating the verbal content of the input signal. The speech recognizer or associated equipment then directs an estimat ...

Zighelboim Marcel, Sintov Amnon: Fungicidal compositions containing a combination of bifonazole and fluocinonide.. Agis Ind 1983, October 11, 1995: EP0676198-A1 (47 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a topical antifungal/corticosteroid composition which comprises bifonazole as a fungicide and fluocinonide as an anti-inflammatory steroid in a pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle.

Igarashi Tatsuya, Minami Masafumi: Information management method, data recording medium, data recording method, information retrieving method and information retrieving apparatus.. Sony, October 11, 1995: EP0676761-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an information management method for magnetooptic disks, etc., a data recording medium, a data recording method, a method and apparatus for information retrieval, and aims at quickly making access. A data track of a magnetooptic disk is divided into a volume management area ...

Howard Philip, Maddox Peter James, Partington Stephen Roy: Polymerisation process and polyolefins obtained thereby.. Bp Chem Int, October 11, 1995: EP0676421-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing polyolefins having at least 0.01 long chain branches (LCB)/1000 carbon atoms along the polymer backbone as measured by flow activation and a molecular weight distribution greater than 2.5 comprises polymerisation in the presence of a metallocene complex having the formula: wh ...

Bienhaus Gerhard Dr, Lange Hans: System for contamination-free reaction processes.. Boehringer Mannheim, October 11, 1995: EP0676643-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

A system for carrying out a reaction automatically has a number of reaction vessels, a number of vessels for the supply of reagents, a number of vessels for samples; several closures for the vessels; and an appts. that automatically opens the separate closures. Also claimed is an appts. with a syste ...