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A multifunctional minimally invasive surgical instrument. The instrument includes a tool set on the opposite end of a support tube from a handle assembly. Grasping, manipulating, retracting, cutting, cauterizing, irrigation, suction, and electrosurgery functions can be performed by actuating the han ...

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An intravascular catheter with an expandable region formed of a tubular material that continues the distal end of the catheter body in a one-piece configuration and is radially expanded and contracted by means of a control wire. The interior of the expandable region is in fluid communication with a ...

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A method is disclosed for operating a microprocessor based reel-type slot machine. The payoff is randomly determined before any symbols are displayed. Two or more multiplier factors are randomly selected from separate predetermined groups. The factors are multiplied together to calculate the payoff. ...

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An image simulation system 20 for testing sensor systems 26 and for training image sensor personnel wherein synthetic image data is generated by a scene generator 21 and projected by an image projector 23. The image projector 23 uses a digital micromirror device array 27 to modulate the incident ene ...

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A surgical cable for use in the repair of fractures or fusions of small bones and to assist in the repair of torn ligaments and tendons. The surgical cable has unique characteristics of high tensile strength, flexibility and inelasticity or stiffness.

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A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes a frame portion, an elongated portion extending from the frame portion, and an articulating cartridge assembly mounted to a distal end of th ...

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A transluminal grafting system for grafting a prosthesis to the wall of a lumen includes a tubular graft provided with spring assemblies and anchoring barbs. The prothesis is mounted on an apertured tubular carrier and a central control means is inserted into the bore of the apertured carrier. Moori ...

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The system and method of the present invention provides the support of high density removable media, such as CD-ROM or MO, to be used as a distributed media for storing data where access thereto is securely restricted. Through this system and method, the secure periodic distribution of several diffe ...

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A medical monitor, and related method, determines a pre-existing physiological property of an organ of a patient by monitoring fluorescent light produced by constituents associated with the metabolic and structural condition of the organ. The monitor illuminates the organ with ultraviolet excitation ...

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A system and method for safely altering the function of an implanted pacemaker in a noninvasive manner includes an implantable programmable pacemaker and a non-implantable programming device. The pacemaker includes a pulse generator that generates stimulation pulses as controlled by a control progra ...