Jean Taylor: Shock-absorbing spacer block for location between adjacent vertebrae implanted during spinal surgery. Taylor Jean, September 29, 1995: FR2717675-A1 (224 worldwide citation)

The block (1) comprises a core (4) made of flexible and elastic material which is dimensioned and has elastic properties selected such that it is slightly compressed when the block is positioned between the spinal apophyses (2a,3a) of a pair of adjacent vertebrae (2,3). These properties allow furthe ...

Jean Marie Gueguen, Frederic Saltel Jean Louissign: Sealing sheath in well, tubing or piping. Drifflex, September 29, 1995: FR2717855-A1 (112 worldwide citation)

In the sealing of the space between an internal sheathing and an external cylindrical well, tubing or piping, in which the sheathing is formed from an in-situ hardenable radially deformable and flexible tubular preform which can be in a transversely retracted or expanded state, the novelty comprises ...

Patrice Hutin: Head of golf club with shock absorber. Rossignol, September 29, 1995: FR2717701-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

The head (3) of the golf club has a front hitting surface (5) and a sole (6) which extends backwards. A shock absorber (10) is fixed to the inner surface of the back part of the sole (5). It has an annular rigid plate (11) with is fixed to the surface by a layer of visco-elastic material (12). The p ...

Patrice Hutin: Head of golf club with shock absorber. Rossignol, September 29, 1995: FR2717702-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

The head of the golf club (1) has a hitting surface (4) and a sole (5) which extends backwards. A shock absorber (10) is fixed inside the surface (15) opposite the hitting surface. It has a rigid plate with a layer (12) of visco-elastic material underneath it. The plate is uniform is thickness but t ...

Jean Louis Desjoyaux, Pierre Louis Desjoyaux, Catherine Jandros Nee Desjoyau: Panel for storage ponds. Desjoyaux Piscines, September 29, 1995: FR2717848-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

A panel having a generally quadrangular structure (1) with directly fitted or inserted arrangements (2, 3) for casting a material such as concrete, the structure (1) and arrangements (2, 3) as a whole being produced by extrusion.

Didier Pommier: Heating and air-conditioning of automobile passenger compartment. Valeo Thermique Habitacle, September 29, 1995: FR2717747-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Fresh and/or recycled air (14) is fed by left and right underfloor units (12), after treatment, to distributing ducts (18, 20, 22), with risers (24, 26), constructed integrally with the body-shell. Front left (AVG) and right (AVD) zone outlets (34, 36) are set at dashboard level; some (38) provide d ...

Joseph Hess: Decision making aid for machine administering medication. Ensyma, September 29, 1995: FR2717919-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

The decision making aid (1) has a fuzzy logic processor (8) which accepts physiological and psychological data on the patient and also data on the medication. The fuzzy logic system processes the data to produce values representing the quantity of medication appropriate to the patient. The patient d ...

Philippe Burdin, Franz Langlais: Osteosynthesis implant for repairing thigh=bone neck fractures. Smith & Nephew Richards France, Burdin Philippe, Langlais Frantz, September 29, 1995: FR2717674-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

The implant comprises a plate (10) which is screwed (12) against the external surface of the upper femoral metaphysis, and defines an interdependent passage (11) penetrating the trochanter. A threaded head (21) screwed into the femoral head is guided into the passage by an extension shaft (20) which ...

Pietro Nieddu: Safety helmet with ventilation inside shell used esp. for motorbikes or bicycles. Nieddu Pietro, September 29, 1995: FR2717659-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The helmet has a shell (1), made in hard moulded plastics material, and an inner lining, made of polyurethane foam. The edges of the helmet are covered with a pad of wool (2). A hollow chin strap has a hole (5) with an interchangeable filter through which air enters. The air passes over the retracta ...

Duncan Michael G, Ford Saergert Pamela P D: Relaying calling party information to a remote receiver. Siemens Rolm Comm, September 29, 1995: FR2717975-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A called party's base telephone includes apparatus to store and to relay calling party identification information, such as ANI or CPID, to the subscriber at a remote receiver, which may be a pager or another telephone. A calling party receives a voice prompt requesting that a specified button on the ...