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An improved monetary system using electronic media to exchange economic value securely and reliably. The invention provides a complete monetary system having electronic money that is interchangeable with conventional paper money comprising (1) issuing banks or financial institutions that are coupled ...

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In a computer having one or more secondary storage devices attached thereto, a Finite Data Environment Processor (FDEP) manages Data Sets residing on the secondary storage devices and in memory using Set Lists (SLs) and General Record Pointers (GRPs). The Data Sets contain either data or logical org ...

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A method for performing coronary artery bypass relies on viewing the cardiac region through a thoracoscope or other viewing scope and endovascularaly partitioning the patient's arterial system at a location within the ascending aorta. The coronary artery bypass procedures are formed under cardiopulm ...

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An oximetric sensor probe is movably coupled to a patient's finger to facilitate transillumination and detection of optical energy through a portion of the patient's finger without subjecting the finger to significant deformation. The finger is received within a receptacle having a cup-shaped closed ...

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A low-level model-free dynamic and static hand gesture recognition system utilizes either a 1-D histogram of frequency of occurrence vs. spatial orientation angle for static gestures or a 2-D histogram of frequency of occurrence vs. space-time orientation for dynamic gestures. In each case the histo ...

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An improved surgical stapler is disclosed having a tissue gripping ridge on at least one of the tissue contacting surfaces. The tissue contact surfaces are preferably displayed on both the anvil and the cartridge surfaces of the surgical stapler. The tissue gripping ridges preferably have serrated s ...

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An improved surgical stapling instrument is provided for applying surgical staples to human tissue. The instrument has an articulated stapling head assembly mounted by a rotatable and flexible support shaft on an actuator handle assembly with an improved actuator mechanism for closing and firing the ...

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Oligonucleotides having at least one phosphorodithioate internucleotide linkage. Phosphorodithioate oligonucleotides exhibit stronger antiviral activity than the corresponding phoshorothioate derivatives.

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An electro-optical device and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The device comprises a pair of substrates and an electro-optical modulating layer (e.g. a liquid crystal layer having sandwiched therebetween, said pair of substrates consisting of a first substrate having provided ther ...

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An input apparatus comprising one or more detectors for detecting a physical displacement of a given movement in space, an information generating device for generating position specifying information based on a detection result outputted from the detectors, and a transmitter for transmitting the pos ...